Rossett in 1939

Front Cover of a National Registration Identity Card

Following our recent post about the 75th anniversary of VE Day and Rossett War Memorial, it seems a good opportunity to list all the residents of the village back in 1939. Information relating to this period can be obtained on-line through a number of genealogy sites that have agreements with The National Archives (TNA). The data collection is known as the 1939 Register.

Historical Context

The 1939 Register provides a snapshot of the civilian population of England and Wales just after the outbreak of the Second World War. It was taken due to the onset of war with the purpose of producing National Identity Cards. The register later came to be multi-functional, first as an aid in the use of ration books and later helping officials record the movement of the civilian population over the following decades and from 1948. it was also used as the basis for the National Health Service Register. There was a legal requirement to carry an Identity Card right up to 1952. Name changes due to marriage etc. were recorded up until 1991 when paper based records were discontinued.

Example Page from the Register

What is in the Records

Rossett, in common with everywhere else, had enumerators visiting each property in the village to collect the name, date of birth, address, marital status and occupation of every person in the household. Rossett represented just a fraction of the 41 million people to be processed. It is important to know that the 100-year rule applies to the records. Roughly a third of the people recorded have their records closed until their death has been verified. Many of the blacked-out (redacted) names would have been children, and many are still alive today.

You may be able to find the following information (where available):

    • Name
    • Gender
    • Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Marital Status
    • Occupation
    • Whether Visitor, Officer, Servant, Patient or Inmate
    • Inferred family members
    • Other members of the household

Sometimes, you may see extra information on the right-hand side of the image, such as whether an individual had volunteered as an air raid warden. Some records include names crossed out with another name written in an annotation above or at the side, signifying the tracking of the population over time with the addition of women’s married names and other name changes over the years.

Browse and Search the Rossett Records …………..

The 1939 Register – Rossett

Front Cover of a National Registration Identity Card

What is the 1939 Register

See the previous page to understand the historical context, who is in the records and the information you may find in the online data at sites like FindMyPast and Ancestry.

Explore the historical maps side by side with maps of the current day

Before you start exploring the database below to find possible relations or previous residents of your house – Have a look at the then and now maps to see how Rossett has changed over the years.

We would like to thank the mapping service at the National Library of Scotland for help with the maps, software and programming.

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Search the Rossett Database (see below)

You can search for and view open records at A version of the 1939 Register is also available at, and transcriptions without images are on It is free to search for records, but there will be a charge to view full transcriptions and download images of documents.

National Registration Identity Card

See who lived in your house in 1939?
Is your surname here?

There were probably some 2000+ residents in the Rossett area at this time with over 1700 records open to view.

Try a search or sort by column. Have fun.

AddressSurnameGiven Name(s) AgeBirth DateGenderStatus
Lavister RossettHuxleyEdith 526 Oct 1887FemaleMarried
Lavister RossettHuxleyJohn 5218 Apr 1887MaleMarried
Lavister RossettHuxleyHerbert 245 Jan 1915MaleSingle
Lavister RossettHuxleyJohn R 1713 Apr 1922MaleSingle
Lavister RossettAddisWilliam E 431 Dec 1896MaleMarried
Lavister RossettAddisAnnie 411 Jul 1898FemaleMarried
Lavister RossettAddisRonald E 185 May 1921MaleSingle
Lavister RossettAddisJohn 1017 Aug 1929MaleSingle
Lavister RossettAddisWilliam 1017 Aug 1929MaleSingle
Lavister RossettGriffithsArthur 533 Dec 1886MaleMarried
Lavister RossettGriffithsMargaret H 5713 Mar 1882FemaleMarried
Lavister RossettGriffithsGladys M 224 May 1917FemaleSingle
Lavister RossettGriffithsIvor 1922 Mar 1920MaleSingle
Lavister RossettGilsonJohn 5125 Nov 1888MaleMarried
Lavister RossettGilsonMary 5017 Apr 1889FemaleMarried
Lavister RossettGilsonThomas Arthur 228 Mar 1917MaleSingle
Lavister RossettDaviesJoseph 5814 Jul 1881MaleWidowed
Lavister RossettDaviesJoseph I 2525 Jul 1914MaleSingle
Lavister RossettJonesSarah 275 Feb 1912FemaleMarried
Lavister RossettJonesJohn E 337 May 1906MaleMarried
Lavister RossettJonesJohn I 99 Dec 1930MaleSingle
Lavister RossettJonesMarjorie 523 Jun 1934FemaleSingle
Lavister RossettPhillipsHerbert 2717 Sep 1912MaleMarried
Lavister RossettPhillipsMary A 245 Jul 1915FemaleMarried
Lavister RossettPhillipsMalcolm 02 Apr 1939MaleSingle
Kingsley House LavisterRobertsFrederick 5814 Mar 1881MaleMarried
Kingsley House LavisterRobertsAlice 585 Jun 1881FemaleMarried
Kingsley House LavisterWoodfinEsther M 5922 Feb 1880FemaleWidowed
Kingsley CottageParkerJohn 28 DecMale
Millyard CottGriffithsFrederick 4513 Nov 1894MaleMarried
Millyard CottGriffithsFrances 3916 Oct 1900FemaleMarried
Millyard CottGriffithsFrederick D 723 Sep 1932MaleSingle
Millyard CottGriffithsWilliam H 425 Jul 1935MaleSingle
Millyard LavisterWilliamsRichard 6120 Oct 1878MaleMarried
Millyard LavisterWilliamsBirdie Bee 6118 Mar 1878FemaleMarried
Millyard LavisterWilliamsGeorge 3612 Aug 1903MaleSingle
Millyard LavisterWilliamsJohn E 338 May 1906MaleSingle
Millyard LavisterWilliamsBeryl 2514 Nov 1914FemaleSingle
Millyard LavisterMorganJohn W 2831 Aug 1911MaleMarried
Millyard LavisterMorganMaud 269 May 1913FemaleMarried
Millyard LavisterHumphreysGeorge 3023 Aug 1909MaleMarried
Millyard LavisterHumphreysSelina 2915 Jul 1910FemaleMarried
Millyard LavisterHumphreysMildred 418 Feb 1935FemaleSingle
Millyard LavisterHolmesWilliam 399 Sep 1900MaleMarried
Millyard LavisterHolmesHarriet 4126 Sep 1898FemaleMarried
Millyard LavisterHolmesWilliam G 212 Aug 1937MaleSingle
Millyard LavisterEdwardsJoseph 719 Dec 1868MaleSingle
Millyard LavisterEdwardsSarah A 7627 Feb 1863FemaleSingle
Nags HeadTaylorFrederick R 5824 Feb 1881MaleMarried
Nags HeadTaylorElizabeth 5812 Jul 1881FemaleMarried
Nags HeadTaylorAda 311 Apr 1908FemaleMarried
Nags HeadSE??ALLena 1912 Feb 1920FemaleSingle
RoselandsEvansAlfred 3025 Sep 1909MaleMarried
Stone CottageJonesElvyn M 2713 Mar 1912MaleMarried
Stone CottageJonesMay 371 May 1902FemaleMarried
Stone CottageGriffithsSamuel 6518 Apr 1874MaleSingle
3 Main Road CottsThomasArchibald 4423 Oct 1895MaleSingle
5 Main Road CottsJonesAnn 646 Jul 1875FemaleWidowed
5 Main Road CottsJonesRichard 352 Jan 1904MaleSingle
Main Road CottsChapmanWilliam 572 Apr 1882MaleMarried
Main Road CottsChapmanElizabeth 4414 Jun 1895FemaleMarried
Main Road CottsChapmanOswald 199 Apr 1920MaleSingle
Main Road CottsChapmanWilfred 176 Jun 1922MaleSingle
Main Road CottsChapmanClement 1519 Nov 1924MaleSingle
Main Road CottsWilliamsThomas F 3631 Oct 1903MaleMarried
Main Road CottsShoneAlfred 6328 Jan 1876MaleMarried
Main Road CottsShoneEthel 3916 Apr 1900FemaleMarried
Hazel CottageWilsonJohn R 6122 Aug 1878MaleMarried
Hazel CottageWilsonEllen W 532 Jul 1886MaleMarried
Hazel CottageWilsonJohn C 2417 Mar 1915MaleSingle
LavisterEdwardsWalter 549 Jul 1885MaleSingle
LavisterEdwardsSamuel 644 Feb 1875MaleSingle
LavisterEdwardsPeter 6217 Sep 1877MaleSingle
LavisterJonesEdwin 5826 Jun 1881MaleMarried
LavisterJonesAda 4810 Apr 1891FemaleMarried
LavisterHumphreysSarah 627 Feb 1877FemaleWidowed
LavisterHumphreysWilliam 4020 Nov 1899MaleSingle
LavisterJonesWilliam 6522 Mar 1874MaleMarried
LavisterJonesMary 597 Jan 1880FemaleMarried
LavisterJonesJuine 248 Nov 1915FemaleSingle
LavisterJonesWilliam H 4110 May 1898MaleSingle
LavisterChestersEdith E 716 Jul 1868FemaleWidowed
LavisterChestersJoseph 361 May 1903MaleSingle
LavisterRobertsWilliam A 4710 Sep 1892MaleMarried
LavisterRobertsMartha 4531 Mar 1894FemaleMarried
The Stones LavisterKendrickElizabeth 8318 May 1856FemaleWidowed
The Stones LavisterKendrickCatherine M 513 Oct 1888FemaleSingle
The Stones LavisterRobertsFlorence G 484 May 1891FemaleWidowed
The GarageGillamAda 3920 Jul 1900FemaleWidowed
The GarageGillamGeorge E 1714 Dec 1922MaleSingle
Thenstone Chester RoadEvansonGeorge 7110 Aug 1868MaleWidowed
Thenstone Chester RoadKidwellElizabeth A 7522 Feb 1864FemaleWidowed
Gateacre Chester RoadEvansonCharles 3713 Sep 1902MaleMarried
Gateacre Chester RoadEvansonRuth 297 Mar 1910FemaleMarried
Llyndir LodgeEllisGeorge R 4023 Nov 1899MaleMarried
Llyndir LodgeEllisBeatrice 192019FemaleSingle
BaldieSpenceCecil 3515 Aug 1904MaleMarried
BaldieShriceMarjorie 339 Nov 1906FemaleMarried
BaldieShriceSheila M 615 May 1933FemaleSingle
BaldieJonesThomas E 5715 Sep 1882MaleMarried
BaldieJonesDarcy L 5724 Jul 1882FemaleMarried
WoodlandsWyattKenneth 3013 Aug 1909MaleMarried
WoodlandsWyattMuriel R 2330 Dec 1916FemaleMarried
WoodlandsWyattLucy 5720 Jul 1882FemaleWidowed
Woodlands Chester RoadWyattPhilip 244 Jul 1915MaleSingle
Elmwood Chester RoadDaviesCharles 622 Aug 1877MaleWidowed
Elmwood Chester RoadLeechEdward 628 Jul 1877MaleSingle
Elmwood Chester RoadShawAlfred E 1126 Nov 1928MaleSingle
HollywoodEardleyRhoda A 4712 Jun 1892FemaleSingle
HollywoodEardleyHenry 8131 Jan 1858MaleWidowed
HollywoodEardleyAnnie M 273 May 1912FemaleSingle
RockleyPatingtonGeorge T 656 Apr 1874MaleMarried
RockleyPatingtonAnnie A 6225 Apr 1877FemaleMarried
RockleyPatingtonHilary M 2918 Oct 1910FemaleSingle
RockleyBatesMary E 8828 Mar 1851FemaleWidowed
Darland GarageHooperThomas F 372 Sep 1902MaleMarried
Darland GarageHigherMabel C 3613 Sep 1903FemaleMarried
DentonHydenConstance 521 Jun 1887FemaleSingle
DentonBennettElma L 3529 Sep 1904FemaleMarried
HeatonWilliamsEllen 766 Dec 1863FemaleWidowed
HeatonWilliamsSamuel V 3520 Feb 1904MaleSingle
HeatonWilliamsJames S 4024 Jul 1899MaleSingle
BywaysSurveGordon 5331 Oct 1886MaleMarried
BywaysSurveAnnie 525 Jul 1887FemaleMarried
BywaysSurvePhilip K 228 May 1917MaleSingle
BywaysHadfieldMary 7828 Jun 1861FemaleWidowed
Darland HouseBeesonJohn S 461 Jul 1893MaleMarried
Darland HouseBeesonMary A 501 Dec 1889FemaleMarried
Darland HouseJellyFrederick 4511 Apr 1894MaleMarried
DorenlyMoultonWilliam 569 Aug 1883MaleMarried
DorenlyMoultonAnne 5627 Feb 1883FemaleMarried
DorenlyMoultonHarold J 275 Dec 1912MaleSingle
DorenlyMoultonJohn 7924 May 1860MaleWidowed
BinginLawrenceEdith 4926 Sep 1890FemaleMarried
Stone StileRobertsFanny 6317 Feb 1876FemaleWidowed
Stone StileInceHannah E 396 Nov 1900FemaleWidowed
14 Ink ViewFindlayGeorge G 3428 Jul 1905MaleMarried
14 Ink ViewFindlayHilda 3416 Jan 1905FemaleMarried
13 Ink ViewPykeLouisa 637 Feb 1876FemaleWidowed
13 Ink ViewPykeMary 339 Nov 1906FemaleSingle
13 Ink ViewAstburyWilliam 242 Mar 1915MaleSingle
13 Ink ViewReeceJoseph H 2414 May 1915MaleSingle
12 Ink ViewBroadhurstRichard 7925 Jul 1860MaleWidowed
12 Ink ViewBroadhurstCharlotte 5131 Mar 1888FemaleSingle
12 Ink ViewJonesWilfred E 714 Jan 1932MaleSingle
12 Ink ViewJonesMyrtle 8 AprFemaleSingle
11 Ink ViewWycherleyLillie 6429 Jun 1875FemaleWidowed
11 Ink ViewDenitJames 257 May 1914MaleMarried
11 Ink ViewDenittLily 2721 Aug 1912FemaleMarried
10 Ink ViewPowellAlfred B 4517 Mar 1894MaleMarried
10 Ink ViewPowellKate 3914 Aug 1900FemaleMarried
10 Ink ViewPowellJohn G 914 Jul 1930MaleSingle
10 Ink ViewPowellMargaret H 422 Feb 1935FemaleSingle
9 Ink ViewMorganDavid E 527 Sep 1887MaleMarried
9 Ink ViewMorganEllen 5420 Jul 1885FemaleMarried
9 Ink ViewMorganMargaret L 2127 Jan 1918FemaleSingle
9 Ink ViewMorganOliven 2016 Feb 1919FemaleSingle
8 Ink ViewFellowsJames 5826 Jun 1881MaleMarried
8 Ink ViewFellowsMadeline 582 Feb 1881FemaleMarried
8 Ink ViewFellowsMary E 226 Nov 1917FemaleSingle
8 Ink ViewFellowsJoseph P 288 Aug 1911MaleSingle
8 Ink ViewHatchFrances 512 May 1934FemaleSingle
7 Ink ViewKellyJohn P 3314 Feb 1906MaleMarried
7 Ink ViewKellyMargery 3318 Oct 1906FemaleMarried
7 Ink ViewKellyMargery A 04 Mar 1939FemaleSingle
6 Ink ViewRandlesThomas 514 Jan 1888MaleMarried
6 Ink ViewRandlesElizabeth H 516 Sep 1888FemaleMarried
6 Ink ViewRandlesIvan 1623 Jul 1923FemaleSingle
6 Ink ViewRandlesFrances H 914 Feb 1930FemaleSingle
6 Ink ViewWoolerAnnie 761 Jul 1863FemaleWidowed
5 Ink ViewJohnsonFrederick 5819 Jan 1881MaleMarried
5 Ink ViewJohnsonAlice 6131 Apr 1878FemaleMarried
5 Ink ViewJohnsonHarold 2631 Aug 1913MaleSingle
5 Ink ViewJohnsonLeonard 252 Nov 1914MaleSingle
5 Ink ViewJohnsonBeryl I 2921 May 1910FemaleSingle
5 Ink ViewWillisGeorge H 2311 Jan 1916MaleSingle
4 Ink ViewHampsonAlfred 373 Aug 1902MaleMarried
4 Ink ViewHampsonGeorgina 3511 Dec 1904FemaleMarried
3 Ink ViewBurtonFrederick H 4111 Nov 1898MaleMarried
3 Ink ViewBurtonRuby 319 Jul 1908FemaleMarried
3 Ink ViewBurtonDoreen M 513 Sep 1934FemaleSingle
3 Ink ViewFieldsAgnes 1125 Mar 1928FemaleSingle
2 Ink ViewRobertsFrederick 3322 Apr 1906MaleMarried
2 Ink ViewRobertsLydia W 327 Jan 1907FemaleMarried
2 Ink ViewSaurenceMary L 134 Sep 1926FemaleSingle
1 Ink ViewWrightRichard O 324 Nov 1907MaleMarried
1 Ink ViewWrightFrances G 316 Mar 1908FemaleMarried
1 Waverley CrescentRandlesHugh 4526 Mar 1894MaleMarried
1 Waverley CrescentRandlesMarion 324 Jan 1907FemaleMarried
1 Waverley CrescentGriffithsLucy 7028 Aug 1869FemaleWidowed
1 Waverley CrescentGriffithsCecil 1517 Sep 1924MaleSingle
1 Waverley CrescentSmithGeorge 1016 Feb 1929MaleSingle
2 Waverley CrescentJohnsonFrank 249 May 1915MaleMarried
2 Waverley CrescentJohnsonElizabeth A 26Feb 1913FemaleMarried
3 Waverley CrescentEllisWilliam 6711 Jan 1872MaleMarried
3 Waverley CrescentEllisAda M 6525 Nov 1874FemaleMarried
4 Waverley CrescentGriffithsWilliam H 4414 Jun 1895MaleMarried
4 Waverley CrescentGriffithsEmily R 4917 Sep 1890FemaleMarried
4 Waverley CrescentGriffithsElsie M 1813 May 1921FemaleSingle
4 Waverley CrescentKennedyGeorge 1129 Aug 1928MaleSingle
6 Waverley CrescentDaviesLester 3431 Oct 1905MaleMarried
6 Waverley CrescentDaviesEmily S 3623 Aug 1903FemaleMarried
6 Waverley CrescentDaviesJohn 94 Aug 1930MaleSingle
8 Waverley CrescentAckerleyRalph 5418 Nov 1885MaleMarried
8 Waverley CrescentAckerleyNora 4018 May 1899FemaleMarried
8 Waverley CrescentPickettGeorge 1324 Jun 1926MaleSingle
10 Waverley CrescentCarrollDennis Eric 304 Mar 1909MaleMarried
10 Waverley CrescentCarrollSarah 319 Jan 1908FemaleMarried
10 Waverley CrescentDunnWilliam 94 Jan 1930MaleSingle
12 Waverley CrescentRobertsLeonard 3715 Dec 1902MaleMarried
12 Waverley CrescentRobertsEllen 3725 Apr 1902FemaleMarried
12 Waverley CrescentSutherlandJames 1010 Jan 1929MaleSingle
12 Waverley CrescentSutherlandThomas 517 Aug 1934MaleSingle
13 Waverley CrescentGriffithsRobert 5525 Jul 1884MaleWidowed
13 Waverley CrescentGriffithsWalter 1810 Oct 1921MaleSingle
13 Waverley CrescentGriffithsPhyllis M 1327 May 1926FemaleSingle
14 Waverley CrescentPhillipsPercy 3610 Jul 1903MaleMarried
14 Waverley CrescentPhillipsElsie M 368 Feb 1903FemaleMarried
15 Waverley CrescentJacksonFred 3915 Jan 1900MaleMarried
15 Waverley CrescentJacksonTheresa 337 Aug 1906FemaleMarried
16 Waverley CrescentBellisJohn 4730 Sep 1892MaleMarried
16 Waverley CrescentBellisMargaret A 4617 Nov 1893FemaleMarried
16 Waverley CrescentBellisEllen 1722 Feb 1922FemaleSingle
16 Waverley CrescentBellisElizabeth 872 Sep 1852FemaleWidowed
18 Waverley CrescentDaviesEthel 506 Nov 1889FemaleMarried
18 Waverley CrescentDaviesAubrey E 177 Jul 1922FemaleSingle
18 Waverley CrescentDaviesThomas G 156 Mar 1924MaleSingle
20 Waverley CrescentOwenHarold 4013 Sep 1899MaleMarried
20 Waverley CrescentOwenNellie 3914 May 1900FemaleMarried
22 Waverley CrescentRobertsWalter E 4111 Jan 1898MaleMarried
22 Waverley CrescentRobertsFlorence M 3326 Apr 1906FemaleMarried
22 Waverley CrescentRobertsFrancis M 316 Feb 1936FemaleSingle
24 Waverley CrescentFinchettWilliam A 299 Aug 1910MaleMarried
24 Waverley CrescentFinchettPhyllis 294 Jun 1910FemaleMarried
24 Waverley CrescentNowlandsMartha 6219 Jul 1877FemaleWidowed
26 Waverley CrescentValentineArthur 3520 Sep 1904MaleMarried
26 Waverley CrescentValentineViolet M 2725 Feb 1912FemaleMarried
28 Waverley CrescentJonesJohn E 2722 Apr 1912MaleMarried
28 Waverley CrescentJonesGertrude 266 Jun 1913FemaleMarried
30 Waverley CrescentEvansJohn E 314 Mar 1908MaleMarried
30 Waverley CrescentEvansKathleen M 3816 May 1901FemaleMarried
32 Waverley CrescentGriffithsGerald 3517 Aug 1904MaleMarried
32 Waverley CrescentGriffithsEthel 362 Dec 1903FemaleMarried
34 Waverley CrescentJonesEdward 415 Aug 1898MaleMarried
34 Waverley CrescentJonesMary 3817 Nov 1901FemaleMarried
34 Waverley CrescentJonesMirnel 811 Feb 1931FemaleSingle
34 Waverley CrescentJonesLeslie 426 Nov 1935MaleSingle
34 Waverley CrescentJonesMarjorie 118 Feb 1938FemaleSingle
36 Waverley CrescentProlinPercy 3925 Jul 1900MaleMarried
36 Waverley CrescentProlinSarah 3618 Dec 1903FemaleMarried
36 Waverley CrescentProlinMary 1422 Nov 1925FemaleSingle
36 Waverley CrescentProlinRonald 913 Sep 1930MaleSingle
38 Waverley CrescentFinchettSarah J 6222 Feb 1877FemaleWidowed
38 Waverley CrescentFinchettCharles 4010 Jun 1899MaleSingle
38 Waverley CrescentFinchettErnest 2322 Mar 1916MaleSingle
38 Waverley CrescentFinchettThomas H 2321 Mar 1916MaleSingle
38 Waverley CrescentFinchettWilliam A 154 May 1924MaleSingle
40 Waverley CrescentMomsonGeorge 7812 Jan 1861MaleMarried
40 Waverley CrescentMomsonMary E 717 Jul 1868FemaleMarried
40 Waverley CrescentMomsonEleanor 3113 Aug 1908FemaleSingle
39 Waverley CrescentJohnsonMargaret A 4828 Feb 1891FemaleWidowed
39 Waverley CrescentJohnsonHarold V 251 Mar 1914MaleSingle
39 Waverley CrescentJohnsonAlbert H 2128 Sep 1918MaleSingle
37 Waverley CrescentEvansGriffith S 3631 Oct 1903MaleMarried
37 Waverley CrescentEvansAnnie E 3728 Jan 1902FemaleMarried
35 Waverley CrescentThomasMary 7226 Apr 1867FemaleWidowed
35 Waverley CrescentThomasJack M 3713 Aug 1902MaleSingle
35 Waverley CrescentEdwardsJohn 264 Apr 1913MaleSingle
33 Waverley CrescentGeorgeRobert 3725 Nov 1902MaleMarried
33 Waverley CrescentGeorgeAmy L 3219 Jan 1907FemaleMarried
33 Waverley CrescentGeorgeThomas R 923 Dec 1930MaleSingle
31 Waverley CrescentEdwardsEdward 7212 Mar 1867MaleMarried
31 Waverley CrescentEdwardsAnn 715 Nov 1868FemaleMarried
29 Waverley CrescentJonesWilliam J 5324 Aug 1886MaleMarried
29 Waverley CrescentJonesMary A 494 Mar 1890FemaleMarried
29 Waverley CrescentJonesEric W 2531 Aug 1914MaleSingle
27 Waverley CrescentFaircloughElizabeth A 4520 Dec 1894FemaleWidowed
27 Waverley CrescentFaircloughWilliam 243 May 1915MaleSingle
27 Waverley CrescentFaircloughMary C 1527 May 1924FemaleSingle
27 Waverley CrescentFaircloughDorothy 87 Apr 1931FemaleSingle
25 Waverley CrescentWynneIrwin 3519 Apr 1904MaleMarried
25 Waverley CrescentWynneMary E 293 Oct 1910FemaleMarried
25 Waverley CrescentFitzgeraldGerald 81931MaleSingle
23 Waverley CrescentHotchkissAgnes 404 Jan 1899FemaleMarried
23 Waverley CrescentHotchkissPeter B 829 Jun 1931MaleSingle
23 Waverley CrescentHowardDoreen 83 Oct 1931FemaleSingle
23 Waverley CrescentHowardJoan 611 Jan 1933FemaleSingle
21 Waverley CrescentGillFrederick 3612 Apr 1903MaleMarried
21 Waverley CrescentGillEdith J 319 Feb 1908FemaleMarried
21 Waverley CrescentGillJohn W 919 Aug 1930MaleSingle
21 Waverley CrescentGillJames E 711 Sep 1932MaleSingle
19 Waverley CrescentBoxCharles 323 Oct 1907MaleMarried
19 Waverley CrescentBoxMadeline 3215 Jun 1907FemaleMarried
17 Waverley CrescentJonesGeorge F 2610 May 1913MaleMarried
17 Waverley CrescentJonesLilian 2418 Apr 1915FemaleMarried
17 Waverley CrescentJonesGlenlys P 36 Aug 1936FemaleSingle
11 Waverley CrescentFoxallJoseph W 3918 Apr 1900MaleMarried
11 Waverley CrescentFoxallEdith 4015 Sep 1899FemaleMarried
11 Waverley CrescentJenningsCharles 127 Mar 1927MaleSingle
9 Waverley CrescentWeatherleyWalter C 3115 Oct 1908MaleMarried
9 Waverley CrescentWeatherleyPauline A 2731 Dec 1912FemaleMarried
7 Waverley CrescentHuxleyGeorge 5714 Jun 1882MaleMarried
7 Waverley CrescentHuxleyLouisa E 549 Mar 1885FemaleMarried
7 Waverley CrescentHuxleyJoyce M 228 Apr 1917MaleSingle
7 Waverley CrescentLaxAlma 719 Sep 1932FemaleSingle
5 Waverley CrescentEllisJohn H 4131 Jan 1898MaleMarried
5 Waverley CrescentEllisElizabeth J 3624 May 1903FemaleMarried
5 Waverley CrescentGrayFrancis 1118 Apr 1928MaleSingle
1 Cromar CrescentStocktonFrank 2416 Aug 1915MaleSingle
1 Cromar CrescentStocktonSelina 5818 Nov 1881FemaleWidowed
2 Cromar CrescentGriffithsWilliam G 479 Oct 1892MaleMarried
2 Cromar CrescentGriffithsAnn E 493 Oct 1890FemaleMarried
3 Cromar CrescentRobertsNorman W 352 Oct 1904MaleMarried
3 Cromar CrescentRobertsElizabeth A 3711 Feb 1902FemaleMarried
4 Cromar CrescentEvansJohn 5923 Feb 1880MaleWidowed
4 Cromar CrescentEvansGwyneth M 286 Nov 1911FemaleSingle
5 Cromar CrescentRidgewayElizabeth 714 Apr 1868FemaleWidowed
5 Cromar CrescentJonesJohn 5910 Jun 1880MaleSingle
5 Cromar CrescentStewardJames 7213 Mar 1867MaleSingle
6 Cromar CrescentHudsonJames 357 Nov 1904MaleMarried
6 Cromar CrescentHudsonMary O 3321 Mar 1906FemaleMarried
6 Cromar CrescentShidsonBlanche 138 Nov 1926FemaleSingle
6 Cromar CrescentShidsonBenjamin M 923 Jul 1930MaleSingle
7 Cromar CrescentInceJohn 592 Feb 1880MaleMarried
7 Cromar CrescentInceCatherine 592 Nov 1880FemaleMarried
7 Cromar CrescentInceOliver 3123 Aug 1908MaleSingle
7 Cromar CrescentInceGeorge 2828 May 1911MaleSingle
7 Cromar CrescentInceDouglas 212 Apr 1918MaleSingle
7 Cromar CrescentHowereltElsie 332 Apr 1906FemaleMarried
8 Cromar CrescentJacksonFrederick C 4215 Mar 1897MaleMarried
8 Cromar CrescentJacksonIda M 4424 Sep 1895FemaleMarried
8 Cromar CrescentJacksonJames H 2113 Apr 1918MaleSingle
8 Cromar CrescentJackson?? S 164 Jan 1923MaleSingle
Cromar CrescentM??OnDorothy 137 Dec 1926FemaleSingle
9 Cromar CrescentJohnsonWilliam A 262 Feb 1913MaleMarried
9 Cromar CrescentJohnsonMary 217 Mar 1918FemaleMarried
9 Cromar CrescentJohnsonElizabeth I 013 Aug 1939FemaleSingle
10 Cromar CrescentMartinThomas 6217 Jan 1877MaleMarried
10 Cromar CrescentMartinBertha 6410 Mar 1875FemaleMarried
10 Cromar CrescentMartinOlive E 2419 Feb 1915FemaleSingle
11 Cromar CrescentJonesFrank L 4620 Aug 1893MaleMarried
11 Cromar CrescentJonesMay 478 Dec 1892FemaleMarried
12 Cromar CrescentPhoenixGeorge 4931 Mar 1890MaleMarried
12 Cromar CrescentPhoenixAnne J 4327 Mar 1896FemaleMarried
12 Cromar CrescentPhoenixDoughas T 1726 Jun 1922MaleSingle
12 Cromar CrescentPhoenixBrian H 74 Mar 1932MaleSingle
14 Cromar CrescentRobertsAllan 252 Jul 1914MaleMarried
14 Cromar CrescentRobertsMay 488 Jul 1891FemaleWidowed
16 Cromar CrescentLloydFrank 3823 May 1901MaleMarried
16 Cromar CrescentLloydEllen V 3612 Nov 1903FemaleMarried
16 Cromar CrescentLloydLawrence F 618 Dec 1933MaleSingle
18 Cromar CrescentHamsWilliam H 6415 Dec 1875MaleMarried
18 Cromar CrescentHamsElizabeth 709 Mar 1869FemaleMarried
20 Cromar CrescentRichHerbert H 271 Jul 1912MaleMarried
20 Cromar CrescentRichElizabeth A 3013 Sep 1909FemaleMarried
22 Cromar CrescentShoneFrederick J 381 May 1901MaleMarried
22 Cromar CrescentShoneMary E 3124 May 1908FemaleMarried
24 Cromar CrescentMartinCyril 3315 Dec 1906MaleMarried
24 Cromar CrescentMartinMary 3914 May 1900FemaleMarried
26 Cromar CrescentMillerJames I 2626 Mar 1913MaleMarried
26 Cromar CrescentMillerOliven 242 Sep 1915FemaleMarried
28 Cromar CrescentHarrisJohn 3530 Jun 1904MaleMarried
28 Cromar CrescentHarrisElsie 339 May 1906FemaleMarried
30 Cromar CrescentAllenEdward 5627 Jun 1883MaleMarried
30 Cromar CrescentAllenBarbara 5314 Aug 1886FemaleMarried
30 Cromar CrescentAllenMarjorie 2115 Jul 1918FemaleSingle
30 Cromar CrescentAllenBabara E 2023 Sep 1919FemaleSingle
32 Cromar CrescentJacksonGeorge 609 Jan 1879MaleMarried
32 Cromar CrescentJacksonMary H 5523 May 1884FemaleMarried
32 Cromar CrescentJacksonAnnie 2222 Feb 1917FemaleSingle
32 Cromar CrescentJacksonFrank 336 May 1906MaleSingle
32 Cromar CrescentJacksonJoseph 2712 Apr 1912MaleSingle
32 Cromar CrescentJacksonRobert 2020 Jun 1919MaleSingle
34 Cromar CrescentLloydGeorge 5422 Aug 1885MaleMarried
34 Cromar CrescentLloydFrances 408 Dec 1899FemaleMarried
36 Cromar CrescentDunnGeorge 4517 Jul 1894MaleMarried
36 Cromar CrescentDunnAnnie 4216 May 1897FemaleMarried
36 Cromar CrescentDunnJohn R 1413 Sep 1925MaleSingle
36 Cromar CrescentDunnGeorge A 1320 Nov 1926MaleSingle
35 Cromar CrescentInceJohn E 3815 Oct 1901MaleMarried
35 Cromar CrescentInceBlodwen 3526 Sep 1904FemaleMarried
35 Cromar CrescentSmithElizabeth A 1418 Aug 1925FemaleSingle
33 Cromar CrescentJacksonHarriett 3721 Aug 1902FemaleMarried
33 Cromar CrescentJacksonDennis 1130 Jun 1928MaleSingle
29 Cromar CrescentHolmesFlorence 373 Nov 1902FemaleMarried
29 Cromar CrescentHolmesEdward G 3719 Sep 1902MaleMarried
31 Cromar CrescentTaylorSamuel 5717 Apr 1882MaleMarried
31 Cromar CrescentTaylorSarah A 572 Mar 1882FemaleMarried
31 Cromar CrescentGriffithsMary 5510 Aug 1884FemaleSingle
27 Cromar CrescentRobertsWilliam H 3229 Apr 1907MaleMarried
27 Cromar CrescentRobertsEthel 3510 Oct 1904FemaleMarried
27 Cromar CrescentRobertsMargaret 421 May 1935FemaleSingle
27 Cromar CrescentRobertsKathleen 421 May 1935FemaleSingle
25 Cromar CrescentJonesRichard 1713 Nov 1922MaleMarried
25 Cromar CrescentJonesLilian 358 Mar 1904FemaleMarried
25 Cromar CrescentJonesKenneth 1312 Apr 1926MaleSingle
25 Cromar CrescentJonesWilliam 85 Nov 1931MaleSingle
23 Cromar CrescentLeaEdith E 534 Jun 1886FemaleWidowed
23 Cromar CrescentLeaEdna 1925 Mar 1920FemaleSingle
23 Cromar CrescentLeaLeslie 1710 Nov 1922MaleSingle
23 Cromar CrescentLeaRaymond 155 Jun 1924MaleSingle
23 Cromar CrescentLeaBetty 1413 Dec 1925FemaleSingle
23 Cromar CrescentJeanyWilliam 1212 Jul 1927MaleSingle
21 Cromar CrescentCostainHarold G 4022 Feb 1899MaleMarried
21 Cromar CrescentCostainMarguente 3716 Dec 1902FemaleMarried
19 Cromar CrescentBickerstaffeGeorge 2628 Sep 1913MaleMarried
19 Cromar CrescentBickerstaffeLouisa M 2522 Jan 1914FemaleMarried
17 Cromar CrescentTilstonJohn 379 Sep 1902MaleMarried
17 Cromar CrescentTilstonHilda D 371 Dec 1902FemaleMarried
17 Cromar CrescentGrayArthur 1310 Aug 1926MaleSingle
17 Cromar CrescentGrayThomas 918 Apr 1930MaleSingle
15 Cromar CrescentWoodEdgar C 414 Jul 1898MaleMarried
15 Cromar CrescentWoodJane T 429 May 1897FemaleMarried
15 Cromar CrescentWoodOlive G 1521 Oct 1924FemaleSingle
13 Cromar CrescentAllmandCyril 4228 Jun 1897MaleMarried
13 Cromar CrescentAllmandGwladys 4011 Feb 1899FemaleMarried
13 Cromar CrescentAllmandNancy 1419 Aug 1925FemaleSingle
13 Cromar CrescentAllmandCyril 914 Apr 1930MaleSingle
13 Cromar CrescentAllmandMary G 421 Aug 1935FemaleSingle
Cannister CottageRandlesJames 5011 Feb 1889MaleMarried
Cannister CottageRandlesAmy 475 Mar 1892FemaleMarried
Cannister CottagePriceEllis 7726 Mar 1862MaleWidowed
Cannister CottageMillingtonJane 769 Mar 1863FemaleWidowed
Cannister CottageMillingtonGeorge 464 Feb 1893MaleMarried
Cannister CottageMillingtonMary E 451 Oct 1894FemaleMarried
Laurel BankCooperMary E 725 Mar 1867FemaleSingle
Laurel BankCooperNellie 453 Oct 1894FemaleSingle
Ivy CottageGriffithsEllen 5421 Jun 1885FemaleWidowed
Ivy CottageGriffithsRonald 189 Sep 1921MaleSingle
Ivy CottageGriffithsHarold 1427 Mar 1925MaleSingle
Ivy CottageGriffithsRichard 1322 Oct 1926MaleSingle
Ivy CottageGriffithsGeorge A 3318 May 1906MaleWidowed
Ivy CottageGriffithsJames L 314 May 1908MaleSingle
Ivy CottageGriffithsHarry 2726 Oct 1912MaleSingle
Ivy CottageGriffithsLily 214 Apr 1918FemaleSingle
The GreenHumphreysGilbert 2714 Jun 1912MaleMarried
The GreenHumphreysWinifred 2613 May 1913FemaleMarried
The GreenHumphreysJoan 48 Jun 1935FemaleSingle
The GreenBenmonViolet E 4817 Jan 1891FemaleWidowed
The GreenShoneArthur 4221 Jan 1897MaleMarried
The GreenShoneElizabeth 4115 Oct 1898FemaleMarried
The GreenShoneEric 144 Nov 1925MaleSingle
The GreenPorterWilliam B 7011 Mar 1869MaleMarried
The GreenPorterClara 651 Jun 1874FemaleMarried
HayeldeneHulleyWilliam C 4228 Apr 1897MaleMarried
HayeldeneHulleyMary 4030 May 1899FemaleMarried
HayeldeneHulleyBrian 1026 Jun 1929MaleSingle
HayeldeneOwensArthur 926 May 1930MaleSingle
Rose CottageSmithJohn H 5417 Aug 1885MaleMarried
Rose CottageSmithMartha 5031 May 1889FemaleMarried
Rose CottageSmithCharles E 2611 Dec 1913MaleSingle
Rose CottageSmithNorman 101 Feb 1929MaleSingle
The RetreatBaylissDouglas 3529 Jun 1904MaleMarried
The RetreatBaylissHilda E 2916 Jul 1910FemaleMarried
The RetreatBishopThomas 4910 May 1890MaleMarried
The RetreatBishopPhyllis E 4013 Apr 1899FemaleMarried
The CottageTaylorJohn A 629 Oct 1877MaleMarried
The CottageTaylorEdith 578 Mar 1882FemaleMarried
The CottageJonesCyril J 3620 Nov 1903MaleMarried
The CottageJonesGladys 341 Jan 1905FemaleMarried
The BungalowJonesJane 6017 Feb 1879FemaleMarried
Green VillaPowellEllen 7425 Jun 1865FemaleWidowed
Green VillaOakesArthur G 3411 May 1905MaleMarried
Green VillaOakesDoris 3230 Apr 1907FemaleMarried
Green VillaBoxCharles J 1620 Feb 1923MaleMarried
Green VillaBoxHarriett 5612 Feb 1883FemaleMarried
Green VillaBoxJohn W 194 Apr 1920MaleSingle
Green VillaDuttonViolet M 3013 Feb 1909FemaleMarried
Arran CottageFooteMary J 6024 Feb 1879FemaleWidowed
Arran CottageFooteMary R 2529 Oct 1914FemaleSingle
Arran CottageWilkinsonMary 791 Jun 1860FemaleWidowed
Yale CottageHeppenstallWalter S 5131 Jan 1888MaleMarried
Yale CottageHeppenstallElizabeth 5114 Jan 1888FemaleMarried
Yale Cott. The GreenHeppenstallArnold S 1616 Feb 1923MaleSingle
Yale Cott. The GreenHweyAgnes F 5131 Aug 1888FemaleSingle
Lane FarmBellisCharles E 3324 Mar 1906MaleMarried
Lane FarmBellisAmy J 3318 Feb 1906FemaleMarried
Lane FarmPadghamGladys D 295 Sep 1910FemaleMarried
1 PultationClaysHarold 357 Oct 1904MaleMarried
1 PultationClaysDorothy E 2410 Aug 1915FemaleMarried
2 PultationRowlandFred 369 Dec 1903MaleMarried
2 PultationRowlandRose H 264 Aug 1913FemaleMarried
2 PultationRowlandMargaret R 629 Jan 1933FemaleSingle
2 PultationRowlandGeorge E 423 May 1935MaleSingle
3 PultationBennionEllen 467 Mar 1893FemaleWidowed
3 PultationBennionAlfred 2624 Apr 1913MaleSingle
3 PultationBennionThomas 2326 Jan 1916MaleSingle
3 PultationBennionBeryl 1830 Mar 1921FemaleSingle
4 PultationRobertsCharles 5712 Apr 1882MaleMarried
4 PultationRobertsElizabeth A 5817 Dec 1881FemaleMarried
4 PultationRobertsErnest V 2317 Feb 1916MaleWidowed
4 PultationRobertsDorothy 2015 Jun 1919FemaleSingle
5 PultationPoveyJohn A 4023 Aug 1899MaleMarried
5 PultationPoveyAlice 3323 Oct 1906FemaleMarried
5 PultationJamesGeorge 6011 Nov 1879MaleSingle
6 PultationRowlandEdward 3419 Apr 1905MaleMarried
6 PultationRowlandViolet J 2821 Oct 1911FemaleMarried
6 PultationRowlandMarjorie 310 Nov 1936FemaleSingle
7 PultationPhillipsSarah A 591 Apr 1880FemaleMarried
7 PultationPhillipsWilliam 5229 Sep 1887MaleMarried
7 PultationMinosFlorne 2410 Sep 1915FemaleMarried
8 PultationGillamJohn 523 Apr 1887MaleMarried
8 PultationGillamLaura B 506 Aug 1889FemaleMarried
8 PultationGillamJohn R 2316 May 1916MaleSingle
8 PultationGillamHorace R 1418 May 1925MaleSingle
Pinfold FarmBellisOwen R 522 Sep 1887MaleMarried
Pinfold FarmBellisElizabeth 561 Oct 1883FemaleMarried
Pinfold FarmEllisMary 286 Aug 1911FemaleSingle
TrevalynEllisGeorgina 8220 Jun 1857FemaleWidowed
TrevalynEllisElsie M 4210 May 1897FemaleSingle
TrevalynEllisJane 3921 Jun 1900FemaleSingle
TrevalynEllisThomas 5828 Jun 1881MaleMarried
TrevalynEllisAnnie J 5820 Apr 1881FemaleMarried
TrevalynEllisDorothy 3228 Jan 1907FemaleSingle
TrevalynColleyMargaret 314 Sep 1908FemaleMarried
TrevalynColleyDavid Lawrence 42 Nov 1935MaleSingle
Griffin Inn TrevalynWestKathleen 3916 Apr 1900FemaleMarried
Griffin Inn TrevalynHallJames 7313 Feb 1866MaleWidowed
Griffin Inn TrevalynJonesErnest S 2727 May 1912MaleSingle
New House TrevalynBridgesAlbert E 3327 Apr 1906MaleMarried
New House TrevalynBridgesAlice 316 Jul 1908FemaleMarried
New House TrevalynBridgesAnnie 1122 Oct 1928FemaleSingle
New House TrevalynBridgesMargaret 913 Sep 1930FemaleSingle
New House TrevalynBridgesArthur 615 Apr 1933MaleSingle
New House TrevalynGriffithsRobert 7623 Jul 1863MaleMarried
New House TrevalynGriffithsMary 7530 Sep 1864FemaleMarried
New House TrevalynFletcherHannah 4918 Aug 1890FemaleSingle
Violet Cottage TrevalynJonesArthur 503 Jun 1889MaleMarried
Violet Cottage TrevalynJonesRosa 5224 Mar 1887FemaleMarried
Violet Cottage TrevalynJonesOlive 1827 Oct 1921FemaleSingle
Lilac Cottage TrevalynWilesGeorge A 7019 Jul 1869MaleMarried
Lilac Cottage TrevalynWilesElizabeth M 707 Jan 1869FemaleMarried
Lilac Cottage TrevalynFletcherJohn 4522 Jun 1894MaleMarried
Lilac Cottage TrevalynFletcherLouisa 4329 May 1896FemaleMarried
Lilac Cottage TrevalynFletcherJohn 2226 Jan 1917MaleSingle
Lilac Cottage TrevalynBunsGeorge 1314 Jan 1926MaleSingle
TrevalynThomasJoseph 5226 Aug 1887MaleMarried
TrevalynThomasJohn F 1616 Apr 1923MaleSingle
TrevalynThomasUrsala I 1212 Mar 1927FemaleSingle
TrevalynGoodwinJohn J 6223 Jul 1877MaleMarried
TrevalynGoodwinMinnie E 607 Jun 1879FemaleMarried
Pingo CottagesWilliamsWilliam 6921 May 1870MaleMarried
Pingo CottagesWilliamsAnnie 615 Apr 1878FemaleMarried
Pingo CottagesWilliamsCharles 2217 Mar 1917MaleSingle
Pingo CottagesBridgesArthur 6131 Jan 1878MaleMarried
Pingo CottagesBridgesRhoda 5723 Nov 1882FemaleMarried
Pingo CottagesBridgesEmily 2820 Jul 1911FemaleSingle
Pingo CottagesBridgesFrederick 2513 Dec 1914MaleSingle
Pingo CottagesBridgesGordon 196 May 1920MaleSingle
Pingo CottagesBridgesMargaret 1721 Sep 1922FemaleSingle
Meadow ViewDulsonGeorge 2718 Jan 1912MaleMarried
Meadow ViewDulsonBessie 2816 May 1911FemaleMarried
Meadow ViewDulsonJoseph 6515 Oct 1874MaleMarried
Meadow ViewDulsonAnnie 6010 Sep 1879FemaleMarried
Ithells BridgeHallFrederick 5622 Sep 1883MaleMarried
Ithells BridgeHallAnderson M 5021 Sep 1889FemaleMarried
Ithells BridgeHallAnderson M 1823 Dec 1921FemaleSingle
Ithells BridgeHallFrederick H 1622 Dec 1923MaleSingle
Ithells BridgeJonesDavid 676 May 1872MaleMarried
Ithells BridgeJonesMaria 6415 Mar 1875FemaleMarried
Almere Fam. AlmereGoodwinGeo H 6517 Dec 1874MaleMarried
Almere Fam. AlmereGoodwinBeatrice H 5526 Aug 1884FemaleMarried
Almere Fam. AlmereGoodwinGeorge E 2218 Jun 1917MaleSingle
Almere Fam. AlmereGoodwinAnn 1611 Apr 1923FemaleSingle
Almere Fam. AlmereGoodwinEthel V 1319 Jan 1926FemaleSingle
Casa Del RisWilliamsEdward 5815 Mar 1881MaleMarried
Casa Del RisWilliamsMay 5021 Aug 1889FemaleMarried
WallaseyBuchananMattie 5722 Apr 1882FemaleSingle
WallaseyTesterMary A 3213 Jun 1907FemaleMarried
WallaseyTesterWilliam J 522 Feb 1934MaleSingle
The BungalowCubbonThomas W 7915 Dec 1860MaleMarried
The BungalowCubbonFanny E 7617 Mar 1863FemaleMarried
Meadow Farm TrevalynDulsonArthur 245 Aug 1915MaleMarried
Meadow Farm TrevalynDulsonHilda 2125 Oct 1918FemaleMarried
Meadow HouseDulsonHarry 2231 Aug 1917MaleMarried
Meadow HouseDulsonEllen 2020 May 1919FemaleMarried
Darland Cott. RossettJonesMary 794 Aug 1860FemaleWidowed
Darland Lodge Darland RossettAckerleyWilfred 401 Nov 1899MaleMarried
Darland Lodge Darland RossettAckerleyAnnie 3810 Oct 1901FemaleMarried
Darland Lodge Darland RossettWadeMary 1225 Dec 1927FemaleSingle
Darland HallTylerWilliam G 5027 Feb 1889MaleMarried
Darland HallTylerMary L 541 Oct 1885FemaleMarried
Darland Hall CottsSemmensErnest G 285 May 1911MaleMarried
Darland Hall CottsSemmensEdith I 2510 May 1914FemaleMarried
Darland Hall CottsDaviesDavid 7615 Feb 1863MaleMarried
Darland Hall CottsDaviesElizabeth 5530 Jul 1884FemaleMarried
Bamfield CottageMartinWilliam 305 Jun 1909MaleMarried
Bamfield CottageMartinKate E 2111 Apr 1918FemaleMarried
Gamford HouseHastingsJohn 6324 Apr 1876MaleMarried
Gamford HouseHastingsElizabeth 573 Nov 1882FemaleMarried
Gamford HouseHastingsHilda 298 Dec 1910FemaleSingle
Gamford HousePhillipsWilliam J 267 May 1913MaleSingle
Gamford CottagesChadwickJob 3717 Apr 1902MaleMarried
Gamford CottagesChadwickFlorence 344 Apr 1905FemaleMarried
Gamford CottagesChadwickEric 103 Sep 1929MaleSingle
Gamford CottagesMorrisJames 7027 Sep 1869MaleMarried
Gamford CottagesMorrisJane 749 Apr 1865FemaleMarried
Gamford CottagesKettleThomas 357 Feb 1904MaleMarried
Gamford CottagesKettleEmily E 3212 Jun 1907FemaleMarried
Gamford CottagesKettleElizabeth J 824 Feb 1931FemaleSingle
Gamford CottagesSmithJames 6318 Jun 1876MaleMarried
Gamford CottagesSmithJanes E 2026 Dec 1919MaleSingle
Gamford CottagesSmithRuth A 4414 Jan 1895FemaleMarried
Trevalyn FarmBellisJohn W 3328 Sep 1906MaleMarried
Trevalyn FarmBellisMargery D 317 Aug 1908FemaleMarried
Darland CottsAckerleyFrank 4114 Feb 1898MaleMarried
Darland CottsAckerleyRachel 367 Dec 1903FemaleMarried
Darland CottsAckerleyFrank 18 DecMaleSingle
Darland CottsEllisElijah 6011 Apr 1879MaleMarried
Darland CottsEllisAnn J 616 Aug 1878FemaleMarried
Darland CottsLeveyWilliam E 6215 Oct 1877MaleSingle
Darland CottsDaviesPhilip D 517 Mar 1888MaleMarried
Darland CottsDaviesElizabeth J 507 Nov 1889FemaleMarried
DarlandSamuelHarold W 644 Sep 1875MaleWidowed
DarlandSamuelKathleen R 2314 Apr 1916FemaleSingle
DarlandSamuelFrank B 1724 Jun 1922MaleSingle
DarlandMossSamuel 4316 Aug 1896MaleSingle
DarlandDoddElizabeth 77 May 1932FemaleWidowed
DarlandDoddMary Ann 4610 May 1893FemaleSingle
DarlandPowellSamuel J 5410 Apr 1885MaleMarried
DarlandPowellHarriet A 5417 Aug 1885FemaleMarried
DarlandPowellLeonard S 278 Oct 1912MaleSingle
Darland Hall FarmDaviesCharles W 554 Nov 1884MaleMarried
Darland Hall FarmMooreEthel 491 Sep 1890FemaleWidowed
Darland Hall FarmFryMary Ame 7525 Apr 1864FemaleWidowed
Darland Hall FarmPayneErnest G 456 Aug 1894MaleSingle
Darland GroveJonesEllis 3620 Sep 1903MaleMarried
Darland GroveJonesAnn 3322 Jan 1906FemaleMarried
Darland CottsWilliamsWilliam E 389 Aug 1901MaleMarried
Darland CottsWilliamsAnn 4419 Jul 1895FemaleMarried
Darland CottsHampsonAlfred 6215 May 1877MaleMarried
Darland CottsHampsonMary 622 Feb 1877FemaleMarried
DarlandMatthewsSusan 4620 Sep 1893FemaleSingle
DarlandMatthewsJohn 5430 Mar 1885MaleSingle
Stone Cott LavisterJonesHannah 3614 Apr 1903FemaleMarried
Stone Cott LavisterJonesSheila 28 Jan 1937FemaleSingle
31 Waverley Ce RossettFordAlice 3013 Jun 1909FemaleMarried
Allmere FernyCarlyleJames B 6920 May 1870MaleWidowed
Allmere FernyConnellAnnie Mc 576 Mar 1882FemaleMarried
24 Cromar CrescentMartinCyril 3315 Dec 1906MaleMarried
Darland Hall DarlandHoldenMabel M 3130 Nov 1908FemaleSingle
10 Park ViewPowellJohn G 914 Jul 1930MaleSingle
RedactedLaxJean 115 Jun 1928FemaleSingle
Eden Cottage RossettBoughGeorge P 6410 May 1875MaleMarried
Eden Cottage RossettBoughIsabella M 608 Oct 1879FemaleMarried
Eden Cottage RossettChalonerLaurence 2928 Feb 1910MaleSingle
The SmithyTilstonThomas 4722 Dec 1892MaleMarried
The SmithyTilstonEmily B 4618 Aug 1893FemaleMarried
The SmithyTilstonThomas W 2426 Aug 1915MaleSingle
The SmithyTilstonWilliam 188 May 1921MaleSingle
Rose Cottage, Chester RdBaylissGertrude M 492 Dec 1890FemaleSingle
Rose Cottage, Chester RdBaylissFrank E 4029 Jul 1899MaleSingle
Rose Cottage, Chester RdBaylissRobert P 2431 Jan 1915MaleSingle
Rose Cottage, Chester RdLevensHarold 4223 Nov 1897MaleMarried
Rose Cottage, Chester RdLevensGwendoline M 385 May 1901FemaleMarried
Newhaven, Chester RdHawkinsJames 5418 Mar 1885MaleMarried
Newhaven, Chester RdHawkinsCharlotte 5621 Feb 1883FemaleMarried
Newhaven, Chester RdHawkinsMuriel 3125 Jan 1908FemaleSingle
Newhaven, Chester RdHawkinsDorothy 279 Apr 1912FemaleSingle
Newhaven, Chester RdHawkinsWilliam J 2513 May 1914MaleSingle
Butcher's Arms Inn, Chester RdDaviesEdith M 5111 Nov 1888FemaleSingle
Butcher's Arms Inn, Chester RdDaviesEmily M 4917 Feb 1890FemaleSingle
Chester RdSimpkinsDavid G 4328 Jul 1896MaleSingle
Chester RdSalmonRobert 5711 Apr 1882MaleDivorced
Machine House, Chester RdTaylorGeorge 6630 Jul 1873MaleMarried
Machine House, Chester RdTaylorGladys 3513 Jan 1904FemaleMarried
Chester RdTaylorThomas 738 Mar 1866MaleSingle
Chester RdTaylorFrances 519 Jul 1934FemaleSingle
Halkyn House, Chester RdScottJohn R 4211 Mar 1897MaleMarried
Halkyn House, Chester RdScottHilda M 4116 Nov 1898FemaleMarried
2 Halkyn TerraceWildeCyril 295 Nov 1910MaleMarried
2 Halkyn TerraceWildeSydia M 298 Aug 1910FemaleMarried
3 Halkyn TerracePercivalEllen 4414 Jun 1895FemaleWidowed
3 Halkyn TerraceBrettAlick 3025 Jul 1909MaleSingle
4 Halkyn TerraceWilliamsSybil 4610 Dec 1893FemaleMarried
4 Halkyn TerraceWilliamsAlan C 920 Oct 1930MaleSingle
5 Halkyn TerraceJonesRobert I 3215 Mar 1907MaleMarried
5 Halkyn TerraceJonesJennie M 3118 Jan 1908FemaleMarried
5 Halkyn TerraceRobertsMary 7728 Aug 1862FemaleWidowed
5 Halkyn TerraceJonesRobert D 5520 Nov 1884MaleMarried
6 Halkyn TerraceRandlesJohn 4425 Jun 1895MaleMarried
6 Halkyn TerraceRandlesEvelyn 453 Sep 1894FemaleMarried
7 Halkyn TerraceDaviesCyril R 315 Dec 1908MaleMarried
7 Halkyn TerraceDaviesEllen M 3519 Dec 1904FemaleMarried
8 Halkyn TerraceDaviesKathleen 243 Dec 1915FemaleMarried
8 Halkyn TerraceDavviesJohn W 285 Feb 1911MaleMarried
8 Halkyn TerraceDaviesCatherine 319 Jun 1936FemaleSingle
8 Halkyn TerraceWilliamsJames W 2021 Sep 1919MaleSingle
8 Halkyn TerraceWilliamsCatherine 439 Apr 1896FemaleMarried
8 Halkyn TerraceShanksterMary 3715 May 1902FemaleMarried
9 Halkyn TerraceRobertsEdward 411 Aug 1898MaleMarried
9 Halkyn TerraceRobertsAmy 4817 Oct 1891FemaleMarried
9 Halkyn TerraceRobertsDorothy B 1519 Feb 1924FemaleSingle
9 Halkyn TerraceRobertsDennis 1225 Jan 1927MaleSingle
Police StationJonesThomas 4119 Sep 1898MaleMarried
Police StationJonesEdith M 391 Feb 1900FemaleMarried
Alyn CottageBlakeWinifred Brandon 3923 Oct 1900FemaleMarried
Alyn CottageHawkesM??la E 412 Oct 1898FemaleMarried
Alyn CottageH??WardBeatrice 2621 Nov 1913FemaleSingle
Alyn CottageHughesFrances M 276 Feb 1912FemaleSingle
Alyn HotelJardineDavid A 4314 Apr 1896MaleMarried
Alyn HotelJardineMay 412 May 1898FemaleMarried
Alyn HotelTaylorBeatrice 2016 Oct 1919FemaleSingle
Alyn HotelSheardHarry 3529 Sep 1904MaleSingle
AlynsidePetersGeorge 3423 Mar 1905MaleMarried
AlynsidePetersMary D 349 Sep 1905FemaleMarried
The Manse, RossettJonesRev George 6223 Sep 1877MaleMarried
The Manse, RossettJonesMargaret W 481 Mar 1891FemaleMarried
The Manse, RossettJonesArthur L 2710 Aug 1912MaleSingle
The Manse, RossettJonesIsobel M 179 Aug 1922FemaleSingle
Chapel Hse. Station Rd, RossettJonesJoseph 4622 Jul 1893MaleMarried
Chapel Hse. Station Rd, RossettJonesElizabeth 4523 Dec 1894FemaleMarried
Chapel Hse. Station Rd, RossettJonesMuriel 1612 Aug 1923FemaleSingle
Post OfficeJonesEdy J 6529 Aug 1874FemaleSingle
Post OfficeSmartAmy W 543 Sep 1885FemaleWidowed
The InstituteRandlesWilliam 427 Jul 1897MaleMarried
The InstituteRandlesAnnie E 3917 Jun 1900FemaleMarried
Bridge HouseEdwardsEric 3426 Dec 1905MaleMarried
Bridge HouseEdwardsEluned 3426 Nov 1905FemaleMarried
Bridge HouseEdwardsRaymond 1125 Sep 1928MaleSingle
AlyndenePrestonGeorge F 4524 Mar 1894MaleMarried
AlyndenePrestonMary D 395 Feb 1900FemaleMarried
AlyndeneHarris-GreenMuriel 3517 Feb 1904FemaleMarried
AlyndeneNewtonArthur 3527 Jan 1904MaleMarried
BodalynShrentAgnes M 4920 Mar 1890FemaleWidowed
BodalynHughesNellie 356 Dec 1904FemaleSingle
LockinvarJardineFrances E 7212 Dec 1867FemaleWidowed
SunnybankBodenEdward 6010 Mar 1879MaleMarried
SunnybankBodenJemima 613 Jan 1878FemaleMarried
SunnybankBodenNorman 3325 May 1906MaleMarried
SunnybankBodenEva 3417 Aug 1905FemaleMarried
SunnybankSmithCharlotte 625 Dec 1877FemaleSingle
Golden Lion HotelMcclurgWilliam A 334 Jul 1906MaleMarried
Golden Lion HotelMcclurgDorothy M 394 Aug 1900FemaleMarried
Golden Lion HotelMurrayBeatrice 4828 Sep 1891FemaleSingle
Golden Lion HotelByrneLouise M 7319 Dec 1866FemaleWidowed
Golden Lion HotelMorganAgnes 3726 Mar 1902FemaleSingle
Rossett Cottage, RossettHarper-BallJoseph 436 Aug 1896MaleMarried
Rossett Cottage, RossettHarper-BallEleanor J 596 Nov 1880FemaleMarried
Rossett Cottage, RossettRobertsJeanor 422 Jan 1897FemaleSingle
Rossett Hall, RossettBoltonFlorence M 552 Nov 1884FemaleWidowed
Rossett Hall, RossettOwenEthel L 2431 May 1915FemaleSingle
Rossett Hall, RossettEvansGwendoline 2923 Apr 1910FemaleSingle
Rossett Hall, RossettBrownLillian 2518 Feb 1914FemaleMarried
Rossett Hall, RossettOwenVeronica 2813 Jan 1911FemaleMarried
Rossett Hall FarmDuttonWilliam 6722 Apr 1872MaleMarried
Rossett Hall FarmDuttonAnnie E 5528 Sep 1884FemaleMarried
Rossett Hall FarmDuttonElizabeth M 2326 Mar 1916FemaleSingle
Rossett Hall FarmDuttonKathleen 212 Jun 1918FemaleSingle
Rossett Hall FarmDuttonAnnie M 2027 Jul 1919FemaleSingle
Rossett Hall FarmEvansIorwerth M 281 Apr 1911MaleSingle
Poplar CottageEdwardsHarry 652 May 1874MaleSingle
Poplar CottageEdwardsMargery B 293 Nov 1910FemaleMarried
The Cot. Gun St.NicholasWilliam 3924 Jul 1900MaleSingle
The Cot. Gun St.HewittConstance 5326 Jun 1886FemaleWidowed
The Shanty Gun St.FennerHilda 5919 Aug 1880FemaleWidowed
Greenfield Cottage Gun St.ParsonageWilliam H 316 Feb 1908MaleMarried
Greenfield Cottage Gun St.ParsonageEmma 2931 Oct 1910FemaleMarried
Greenfield Cottage Gun St.ShoneThomas S 292 Jan 1910MaleMarried
Greenfield Cottage Gun St.ShoneEthel 2623 Oct 1913FemaleMarried
Gun StreetDaviesLeonard 3014 Feb 1909MaleMarried
Gun StreetDaviesConstance 2422 Sep 1915FemaleMarried
Gun StreetDaviesPatricia M 529 Jun 1934FemaleSingle
Gun StreetDaviesBrooke L 34 Oct 1936MaleSingle
Gun StreetWilliamsThomas 4830 Aug 1891MaleMarried
Gun StreetWilliamsElizabeth 5131 Mar 1888FemaleMarried
Gun StreetWilliamsBertie 244 Sep 1915MaleSingle
Gun StreetWilliamsFrank 1817 Mar 1921MaleSingle
Gun StreetJrThomas Williams 1628 Aug 1923MaleSingle
Gun StreetWilliamsWilliam 1423 Oct 1925MaleSingle
Gun StreetWilliamsDorothy 922 Jan 1930FemaleSingle
Gun StreetHarrisonJoseph E 402 Apr 1899MaleMarried
Gun StreetHarrisonOlive 316 Feb 1908FemaleMarried
Gun StreetRobertsPriscilla 635 Jul 1876FemaleSingle
Gun StreetRobertsLily 5230 Oct 1887FemaleSingle
Gun StreetRobertsLotty 4427 Jun 1895FemaleSingle
Gun StreetWestonJohn 6122 Mar 1878MaleMarried
Gun StreetWestonSarah 598 Mar 1880FemaleMarried
Gun StreetWestonGladys 2225 Oct 1917FemaleSingle
Gun StreetWestonJoseph 2621 Nov 1913MaleSingle
Gun StreetParryArthur P 4727 Dec 1892MaleMarried
Gun StreetParryWinifred 4518 Nov 1894FemaleMarried
Gun StreetWoollamJames W 633 Jul 1876MaleMarried
Gun StreetWoollamMary 6319 Apr 1876FemaleMarried
Gun StreetPembertonJohn 7419 Feb 1865MaleMarried
Gun StreetPembertonAnnie 7215 Dec 1867FemaleMarried
Green Farm (Dairy Farm)BarkPatience 8021 Nov 1859FemaleWidowed
Green Farm (Dairy Farm)BarkGeorge B 5221 Feb 1887MaleSingle
Green Farm (Dairy Farm)BarkWilliam H 5114 Apr 1888MaleMarried
Green Farm (Dairy Farm)BarkDoris M 3110 Jun 1908FemaleMarried
Rossett The GreenHughesWilliam 7323 Nov 1866MaleWidowed
Club Houses (Rossett Green)RandlesDavid 398 Aug 1900MaleMarried
Club Houses (Rossett Green)RandlesGladys 3018 Apr 1909FemaleMarried
Club Houses (Rossett Green)PercivalJohn 4823 Mar 1891MaleMarried
Club Houses (Rossett Green)PercivalMary 4925 Mar 1890FemaleMarried
Club Houses (Rossett Green)PercivalGladys M 211 Sep 1918FemaleSingle
Club Houses (Rossett Green)PercivalJoseph 1623 Dec 1923MaleSingle
Club Houses (Rossett Green)SedgwickRonald 613 Jan 1933MaleSingle
Club Houses (Rossett Green)PughWilliam 6326 Jan 1876MaleWidowed
Club Houses (Rossett Green)PughDavid 3929 Nov 1900MaleSingle
Club Houses (Rossett Green)OakesArthur 7031 Oct 1869MaleWidowed
Club Houses (Rossett Green)OakesSarah M 2427 Jan 1915FemaleSingle
6 Green CottagesShoneSarah A 6620 Apr 1873FemaleWidowed
6 Green CottagesPercivalHarold 2222 May 1917MaleSingle
6 Green CottagesRobertsCharles W 566 Jul 1883MaleWidowed
5 Green CottagesHawkinsJames L 3013 Nov 1909MaleMarried
5 Green CottagesHawkinsFlorence 3431 Jan 1905FemaleMarried
4 Green CottagesPhillipsThomas L 2621 Oct 1913MaleMarried
4 Green CottagesPhillipsDorothy M 237 Jan 1916FemaleMarried
3 Green CottagesGibsonThomas 5115 Dec 1888MaleMarried
3 Green CottagesGibsonEdith 5516 Jul 1884FemaleMarried
3 Green CottagesGibsonJames H 2110 Sep 1918MaleSingle
2 Green CottagesSpruceDennis 5618 Dec 1883MaleMarried
2 Green CottagesSpruceHannah 421 Oct 1897FemaleMarried
1 Green CottagesWilliamsMary L 4812 May 1891FemaleWidowed
1 Green CottagesWilliamsAlice G 1925 Jan 1920FemaleSingle
1 Green CottagesHoughtonMary J 733 Dec 1866FemaleSingle
1 Vineclad CottagesEdwardsJohn 7125 Dec 1868MaleWidowed
1 Vineclad CottagesEdwardsWilliam T 218 Oct 1918MaleSingle
1 Vineclad CottagesKettellArthur E 4015 Jan 1899MaleSingle
2 Vineclad CottagesDaviesSarah A 6519 Jan 1874FemaleWidowed
2 Vineclad CottagesDaviesGeorge 243 Mar 1915MaleSingle
3 Vineclad CottagesJonesThomas 518 Dec 1888MaleMarried
3 Vineclad CottagesJonesAda 547 May 1885FemaleMarried
3 Vineclad CottagesJonesNorah 2213 Jun 1917FemaleSingle
Hall CottageGibsonElijah 543 Sep 1885MaleMarried
Hall CottageGibsonAnnie 5423 Jun 1885FemaleMarried
Rossett LaneEdwardsJohn D 5411 Apr 1885MaleMarried
Rossett LaneEdwardsElsie 4026 Mar 1899FemaleMarried
"Woodbank", The GreenEdgeThomas 4614 Oct 1893MaleMarried
"Woodbank", The GreenEdgeCecilia 354 Nov 1904FemaleMarried
"Woodbank", The GreenEdgeJohn W 116 Aug 1938MaleSingle
"Woodbank", The GreenMaguireHugh 4113 Sep 1898MaleMarried
"Ashleigh", The GreenGillamHarriet A 5930 Oct 1880FemaleWidowed
"Ashleigh", The GreenGillamEdgar J 2616 Jan 1913MaleMarried
"Ashleigh", The GreenGillamAnnie N 2320 Dec 1916FemaleMarried
Green FarmNashEdith May 3421 Sep 1905FemaleSingle
Green FarmBellisEthel M 468 Jul 1893FemaleMarried
Green FarmBellisFrank 5024 Sep 1889MaleMarried
Green FarmHansonHerbert 4018 Oct 1899MaleSingle
1 Harewood's Lane RossettClaysJoseph 682 Dec 1871MaleMarried
1 Harewood's Lane RossettClaysSarah 7023 Nov 1869FemaleMarried
2 Harewood's Lane RossettHughesGeorge 4524 Feb 1894MaleMarried
2 Harewood's Lane RossettHughesAnnie E 4014 Apr 1899FemaleMarried
2 Harewood's Lane RossettHughesVincent G 710 Nov 1932MaleSingle
3 Harewood's Lane RossettPritchardAlice 4928 Feb 1890FemaleWidowed
3 Harewood's Lane RossettJohnsonAlbert E 381 Feb 1901MaleSingle
4 Harewood's Lane RossettWilliamsChas E 228 Jan 1917MaleSingle
4 Harewood's Lane RossettWilliamsRachael 195 Dec 1920FemaleSingle
4 Harewood's Lane RossettRowlandAnnie 243 Feb 1915FemaleMarried
5 Harewood's Lane RossettWatsonSusannah 7216 Apr 1867FemaleWidowed
5 Harewood's Lane RossettWatsonElizabeth 5410 Dec 1885FemaleSingle
5 Harewood's Lane RossettWatsonJohn 403 Dec 1899MaleSingle
6 Harewood's Lane RossettWilliamsJohn 5115 Dec 1888MaleSingle
7 Harewood's Lane RossettJonesEllis 4011 Jun 1899MaleSingle
7 Harewood's Lane RossettJonesMary 4218 Mar 1897FemaleSingle
8 Harewood's Lane RossettJarvisWilliam 5525 Dec 1884MaleSingle
8 Harewood's Lane RossettJarvisMary W 5130 Apr 1888FemaleSingle
9 Harewoods Lane (Alyn View)DaviesRobert W 6715 Aug 1872MaleMarried
9 Harewoods Lane (Alyn View)DaviesFanny 688 Dec 1871FemaleMarried
9 Harewoods Lane (Alyn View)DaviesDerrick G 2615 Jun 1913MaleSingle
9 Harewoods Lane (Alyn View)DaviesAlan R 2431 Dec 1915MaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettJarvisJane E 6114 Mar 1878FemaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettJarvisAnnie 6525 Mar 1874FemaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettGibsonLily Jane 556 Aug 1884FemaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettJonesJohn 5815 Feb 1881MaleSingle
HarwoodTriffittMary 5518 Jul 1884FemaleSingle
HarwoodJonesJean 514 Sep 1934FemaleSingle
"Ryefield" Harwood LaneMaddockCharles 4617 Jan 1893MaleMarried
"Ryefield" Harwood LaneMaddockHelen E 4726 Apr 1892FemaleMarried
Rose Cott, Harwood Lane RossettVickersMary A 6524 Jun 1874FemaleSingle
Rose Cott, Harwood Lane RossettPgreenGeorge 622 Mar 1877MaleWidowed
Avonmore Harwoods LaneRoseHarold 367 Apr 1903MaleMarried
Avonmore Harwoods LaneRoseQueenie K 3611 Apr 1903FemaleMarried
Avonmore Harwoods LaneRoseBernard K 1124 Apr 1928MaleSingle
Harwoods LaneBirchThomas 6824 Aug 1871MaleMarried
Rock Cott, Harwoods Lane RossettRowlandJohn 3923 Apr 1900MaleMarried
Rock Cott, Harwoods Lane RossettRowlandHilda 272 Jan 1912FemaleMarried
Harwoods Lane RossettPoveyMary A 744 Apr 1865FemaleWidowed
"Bankcroft" Harwoods LaneMiltonWilliam 368 Jul 1903MaleMarried
"Bankcroft" Harwoods LaneMiltonEleanor 3516 Dec 1904FemaleMarried
'Woodcroft' Harwoods LaneHuxleyFred 506 Mar 1889MaleMarried
'Woodcroft' Harwoods LaneHuxleyElizabeth M 549 Dec 1885FemaleMarried
"Alynfield" Harwoods LaneJonesJohn 5116 Jan 1888MaleMarried
"Alynfield" Harwoods LaneJonesAnne J 481 Jul 1891FemaleMarried
"Alynfield" Harwoods LaneJonesCyril M 1726 May 1922MaleSingle
"Ashfield" Harwoods LaneThompsonHenry A 3819 Mar 1901MaleMarried
"Ashfield" Harwoods LaneThompsonPheobe A 3514 Nov 1904FemaleMarried
"Ashfield" Harwoods LaneThompsonHenry T 1419 Oct 1925MaleSingle
"Ashfield" Harwoods LaneThompsonStanley A 516 Apr 1934MaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettDunhamDora 2717 Oct 1912FemaleMarried
Sunnybank Harwoods LanePateThomas 6527 Nov 1874MaleMarried
Sunnybank Harwoods LanePateMary 679 Aug 1872FemaleMarried
Oak Tree Cottages Harwoods LaneBaileyJack 382 Feb 1901MaleMarried
Oak Tree Cottages Harwoods LaneBaileyEllen 3129 Nov 1908FemaleMarried
Harwoods Lane RossettJonesThomas R 5627 Mar 1883MaleMarried
Harwoods Lane RossettJonesSarah J 446 Dec 1895FemaleMarried
Harwoods Lane RossettJonesThomas P 2615 Dec 1913MaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettJonesPercival J 1516 Aug 1924MaleSingle
Harwoods Lane RossettJonesMuriel M 1115 Feb 1928FemaleSingle
1 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettLewisEdwin 447 Feb 1895MaleMarried
1 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettLewisLouisa 4218 Feb 1897FemaleMarried
1 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettOwensPeter 1218 Jul 1927MaleSingle
1 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettBurnsRobert 115 Mar 1928MaleSingle
2 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettPritchardJohn E 3120 Jan 1908MaleMarried
2 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettPritchardSarah 315 May 1908FemaleMarried
2 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettPritchardMegan 725 Feb 1932FemaleSingle
2 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettSharpAlfred 729 Apr 1932MaleSingle
2 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettSharpWalter 930 Jan 1930MaleSingle
3 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettDruryHarry 4029 Sep 1899MaleMarried
3 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettDruryMargaret 3514 Feb 1904FemaleMarried
4 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandPercy 3224 Sep 1907MaleMarried
4 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandAgnes Amy 2922 Jul 1910FemaleMarried
5 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettDaviesHerbert T 4126 May 1898MaleMarried
5 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettDaviesEdith M 3815 Apr 1901FemaleMarried
5 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettDaviesMegan E 1330 Jan 1926FemaleSingle
5 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettDaviesPeter A 517 Apr 1934MaleSingle
6 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettHooseWilliam 266 Jan 1913MaleMarried
6 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettHooseMargery E 2620 Aug 1913FemaleMarried
6 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettWikeDorothy 1213 Jun 1927FemaleSingle
7 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettHughesEmily 3614 Jul 1903FemaleMarried
7 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettHughesDorothy J 45 Apr 1935FemaleSingle
7 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettHughesWalter M 24 Mar 1937MaleSingle
8 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettGibsonJohn S 2923 Nov 1910MaleMarried
8 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettGibsonLillian E 2729 Oct 1912FemaleMarried
9 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettJonesJohn W 3715 Jan 1902MaleMarried
9 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettJonesElizabeth J 3420 Jul 1905FemaleMarried
9 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettJonesTerry 1221 Dec 1927MaleSingle
10 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRoseLeonard 3528 Aug 1904MaleMarried
10 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRoseLouisa M 3412 Jun 1905FemaleMarried
10 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRoseGordon E 99 Nov 1930MaleSingle
11 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettKayeRobert I 2822 Feb 1911MaleMarried
11 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettKayeViolet 2627 Oct 1913FemaleMarried
11 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettKayeConstance M 417 Jul 1935FemaleSingle
12 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandJane 619 Jun 1878FemaleWidowed
12 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandSamuel 2225 Oct 1917MaleSingle
12 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandWilliam 1928 Jun 1920MaleSingle
12 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandGeorge 236 Jun 1916MaleMarried
12 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettRowlandHilda 216 Nov 1918FemaleMarried
13 C. Hses. Harewood's Lane Lane RossettWatkinsCharles 4424 Jan 1895MaleMarried
13 C. Hses. Harewood's Lane Lane RossettWatkinsAda A 4117 Dec 1898FemaleMarried
13 C. Hses. Harewood's Lane Lane RossettMorrisSarah A 6614 Jul 1873FemaleWidowed
14 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneLloydJohn 355 Nov 1904MaleMarried
14 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneLloydGeorgina M 2912 May 1910FemaleMarried
16 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneEbreyArthur 444 Dec 1895MaleMarried
16 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneEbreyEva C 431 Jan 1896FemaleMarried
16 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneJohnsonMillicent Rd 1418 Sep 1925FemaleSingle
16 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneEbreyThomas W 711 Jun 1932MaleSingle
17 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneDunningWilliam D 271 May 1912MaleMarried
17 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneDunningOlwyn M 2522 Oct 1914FemaleMarried
17 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneAllmandJohn 110 Mar 1938MaleSingle
18 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneSuckleyArthur 5431 Oct 1885MaleMarried
18 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneSuckleyElizabeth 4819 Sep 1891FemaleMarried
18 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneSuckleyRellie 2324 Jul 1916FemaleSingle
18 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneJrArthur Suckley 2116 Apr 1918MaleSingle
18 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneSuckleyGwendoline M 132 Sep 1926FemaleSingle
18 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneSuckleyGladys 1012 May 1929FemaleSingle
19 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneHuxleyHenry 439 Jun 1896MaleMarried
19 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneHuxleyJane 3918 Apr 1900FemaleMarried
19 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneHuxleyLily 198 May 1920FemaleSingle
20 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneHallWilliam 4318 Apr 1896MaleMarried
20 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneHallEmma M 4514 May 1894FemaleMarried
20 C. Hses. Harewood's LaneHallWilliam A 1728 Aug 1922MaleSingle
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneParryHenry J 3128 Mar 1908MaleMarried
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneParryAnnie 2823 Apr 1911FemaleMarried
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneJrHenry J 828 Jul 1931MaleSingle
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneEastoMargaret 8215 Nov 1857FemaleSingle
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneEastoMartha H 7213 May 1867FemaleSingle
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneHumphreysLlewelyn 4320 Nov 1896MaleMarried
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneHumphreysMary A 3719 May 1902FemaleMarried
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneWilliamsWilliam 654 Feb 1874MaleMarried
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneWilliamsMary 6315 Aug 1876FemaleMarried
Dee Stileg. Cottages Harewood's LaneCorfeWalter W 217 May 1937MaleSingle
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWilliamsFrank 4012 Oct 1899MaleMarried
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWilliamsFrances 3411 Jun 1905FemaleMarried
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWilliamsRonald W 511 Feb 1934MaleSingle
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWildeJoseph 5121 Dec 1888MaleMarried
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWildeFrances 5323 Dec 1886FemaleMarried
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWildeSydney 2311 Feb 1916MaleSingle
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWildeJack 2126 May 1918MaleSingle
Broad Lane Cottages RossettWildeDavid 161 Jan 1923MaleSingle
"The Bungalow" Broad LaneJonesAdam 7926 Apr 1860MaleMarried
"The Bungalow" Broad LaneJonesElizabeth E 7618 Aug 1863FemaleMarried
"Cartref" Broad LaneAxonJohn G 3419 May 1905MaleMarried
"Cartref" Broad LaneAxonCatherine D 2623 Jul 1913FemaleMarried
Allington Farm RossettGronnowMartha A 4829 Nov 1891FemaleSingle
Allington Farm RossettGronnowGeorge 797 Jan 1860MaleMarried
Allington Farm RossettGronnowElizabeth 774 Mar 1862FemaleMarried
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettChalonerSamuel 5318 Nov 1886MaleMarried
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettChalonerMartha 5417 Feb 1885FemaleMarried
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettChalonerRebecca 225 Mar 1917FemaleSingle
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettChalonerMegan 2127 Aug 1918FemaleSingle
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettJrSamuel Chaloner 1924 May 1920MaleSingle
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettChalonerFrank 1611 Aug 1923MaleSingle
Cook's Bridge Farm RossettChalonerRobert 1430 Sep 1925MaleSingle
Cooks Bridge (Smallholding)MorrisRosina 6823 Jun 1871FemaleSingle
Cooks Bridge (Smallholding)MorrisWilliam T 5525 Jul 1884MaleSingle
Cooks Bridge (Smallholding)MorrisMary E 6318 Jun 1876FemaleSingle
Daisy Lane Farm RossettNichollsPercy 2911 Feb 1910MaleMarried
Daisy Lane Farm RossettNichollsDorothy 275 Nov 1912FemaleMarried
Hem House Farm Park Side RossettParkerVictor F 2714 Jul 1912MaleSingle
Hem House Farm Park Side RossettWilsonEvelyn M 3718 Sep 1902FemaleSingle
Hem House Cottages Park Side RossettBillingtonJoseph 346 Oct 1905MaleMarried
Hem House Cottages Park Side RossettBillingtonOlive 3016 Jul 1909FemaleMarried
Corner Farm, Parkside RossettWilliamsTom 5725 Apr 1882MaleMarried
Corner Farm, Parkside RossettWilliamsElizabeth 5418 May 1885FemaleMarried
Corner Farm, Parkside RossettWilliamsJoseph 1811 Aug 1921MaleSingle
Corner Farm, Parkside RossettWilliamsJoan 1330 Jun 1926FemaleSingle
Parkside (Lower)MaddocksJames 704 Sep 1869MaleSingle
Parkside (Lower)MaddocksHannah 709 Aug 1869FemaleSingle
Parkside (Lower)YoungMoses 695 Mar 1870MaleMarried
Parkside (Lower)YoungAlice 6528 Apr 1874FemaleMarried
Parkside (Lower)LoweAnnie 568 Apr 1883FemaleSingle
Lower Parks FarmTomlinsonFrederick J 2311 Jun 1916MaleMarried
Lower Parks FarmTomlinsonJames M 07 Jun 1939MaleSingle
Lower Parks CottagesWeaverFrancis 3111 Jul 1908MaleMarried
Lower Parks CottagesWeaverMary E 3011 Feb 1909FemaleMarried
Lower Parks CottagesWeaverFrank 522 Aug 1934MaleSingle
Lower Parks CottagesStretchJoseph T 2623 Jan 1913MaleMarried
Lower Parks CottagesStretchKathleen S 285 Nov 1911FemaleMarried
Lower Parks CottagesStretchDoris J 5215 Jan 1887FemaleSingle
Parkside RossettDaviesRobert 448 May 1895MaleMarried
Parkside RossettDaviesViolet D 34Aug 1905FemaleMarried
Parkside RossettHowellHerbert 3119 Jan 1908MaleMarried
Parkside RossettHowellWinnie 291 Jun 1910FemaleMarried
Parkside RossettHowellBarbara 210 Dec 1937FemaleSingle
Little Parkside FarmDulsonFrank 3911 Mar 1900MaleMarried
Little Parkside FarmDulsonFlorence 499 Jul 1890FemaleMarried
Parkside CottageBakerFrederick 347 May 1905MaleMarried
Parkside CottageBakerEthel M 3220 Jul 1907FemaleMarried
Parkside CottageBakerThomas J 013 Apr 1939MaleSingle
The Lodge Farm Common Wood W HoltParkerThomas R 617 Sep 1878MaleMarried
The Lodge Farm Common Wood W HoltParkerFannie 576 May 1882FemaleMarried
The Lodge Farm Common Wood W HoltParkerPercy Guy 235 Nov 1916MaleSingle
The Lodge Farm Common Wood W HoltParkerAlfred H 1626 May 1923MaleSingle
The Lodge Farm Common Wood W HoltCookeLilly 2510 Oct 1914FemaleSingle
The Lodge Farm Common Wood W HoltCookeIsabella 2320 Aug 1916FemaleSingle
The Parks Farm Common WoodMillingtonElsie 192 May 1920FemaleSingle
The Parks Farm Common WoodWynnEllen M 3828 Feb 1901FemaleSingle
The Parks Farm Common WoodParkerWilliam R 3111 Sep 1908MaleSingle
Rathmore Wynnstay Lane Marford RossettCaldwellGeorge 713 Sep 1868MaleMarried
Rathmore Wynnstay Lane Marford RossettCaldwellEllen 7220 Apr 1867FemaleMarried
Rathmore Wynnstay Lane Marford RossettCaldwellBenjamin C 357 May 1904MaleSingle
Rathmore Wynnstay Lane Marford RossettCaldwellFrank W 329 Aug 1907MaleSingle
Rathmore Wynnstay Lane Marford RossettCaldwellBetsy A 3020 Jun 1909FemaleSingle
Pystyll House Horsely Hall GresfordChalonerGeorge 4825 Feb 1891MaleWidowed
Pystyll House Horsely Hall GresfordChalonerAlicia 107 Aug 1929FemaleSingle
Pystyll House Horsely Hall GresfordJonesDennis S 1813 Jun 1921MaleSingle
Pystyll House Horsely Hall GresfordVilliersAlbert 526 Aug 1887MaleSingle
Horsley Hall Gardens GresfordGroomeHenry 6717 Nov 1872MaleMarried
Horsley Hall Gardens GresfordGroomeJennie 526 Feb 1887FemaleMarried
Horsley Hall Gardens GresfordGroomeJack 1924 Jan 1920MaleSingle
Horsley Hall Gardens GresfordRandlesNorah 3625 May 1903FemaleMarried
Horsley Hall Gardens GresfordWalkerElizabeth A 6919 Feb 1870FemaleWidowed
Horsley Hall Gardens GresfordWalkerAnnie L 5120 Jun 1888FemaleSingle
Allington Cottage Farm Cox LaneVaughanJohn 5330 May 1886MaleMarried
Allington Cottage Farm Cox LaneVaughanLizzie 531 Jan 1886FemaleMarried
Allington Cottage Farm Cox LaneEdwardsSinah M 212 Nov 1918FemaleSingle
Allington Cottage Farm Cox LaneEvansEdward 6913 Mar 1870MaleSingle
Cox Lane Farm RossettDaviesDora 4720 Dec 1892FemaleSingle
Cox Lane Farm RossettDaviesSusannah H 5129 Jul 1888FemaleSingle
Cox Lane Farm RossettDaviesRobert T 2418 Aug 1915MaleSingle
Cox Lane Farm RossettCampbellCharlotte E 3030 Jun 1909FemaleMarried
Cox Lane Farm RossettCampbellMargaret A 116 Jan 1938FemaleSingle
Cox Lane Farm RossettHuntSarah 257 Jun 1914FemaleMarried
Cox Lane RossettGronnowThomas J 629 Sep 1877MaleMarried
Cox Lane RossettGronnowEllen 5824 Nov 1881FemaleMarried
Cox Lane RossettGronnowGeorge A 2012 Aug 1919MaleSingle
Cox Lane RossettGronnowElizabeth E 2420 Dec 1915FemaleSingle
Cox Lane RossettJonesEllen 8119 Mar 1858FemaleWidowed
Cox Lane RossettJonesAlbert E 4423 Mar 1895MaleMarried
Cox Lane RossettJonesMinnie 4428 Feb 1895FemaleMarried
Cox Lane RossettJonesAnnie 5611 Oct 1883FemaleSingle
Cox Lane RossettWilkinsonElizabeth 8822 Jul 1851FemaleWidowed
Cox Wood Farm RossettJonesHarry 3930 Jun 1900MaleMarried
Cox Wood Farm RossettJonesMary 409 Jul 1899FemaleMarried
Crabmill Farm RossettPickeringKenneth A 363 Oct 1903MaleMarried
Crabmill Farm RossettPickeringEmily 3731 Jan 1902FemaleMarried
Crabmill Farm RossettPickeringJoyce M 911 Oct 1930FemaleSingle
Crabmill Farm RossettPickeringJames G 625 Jan 1933MaleSingle
Crabmill Farm RossettWoodwardJoan 84 Apr 1931FemaleSingle
1 Crabmill Cottages RossettHayesWilfred 273 Jan 1912MaleMarried
1 Crabmill Cottages RossettHayesMary E 2527 Nov 1914FemaleMarried
1 Crabmill Cottages RossettHayesWilfred D 36 May 1936MaleSingle
1 Crabmill Cottages RossettHayesReginald 2625 Apr 1913MaleSingle
2 Crabmill Cottages RossettWilliamsWilliam 4515 May 1894MaleMarried
2 Crabmill Cottages RossettWilliamsLouisa 417 May 1898FemaleMarried
2 Crabmill Cottages RossettHeppleMargaret 4921 Sep 1890FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Manor CottageCrossanDorothy 2618 Apr 1913FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Manor CottageHaydenElizabeth 5514 Feb 1884FemaleWidowed
Trevalyn Manor LodgeSteeleWilliam 3525 Jul 1904MaleMarried
Trevalyn Manor LodgeSteeleJane T 3512 Oct 1904FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Manor LodgeSteeleSheila J 424 Mar 1935FemaleSingle
Trevalyn Manor Garage YardBurneCatherine 268 Nov 1913FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Manor Garage YardBarryMary B 265 Nov 1913FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Manor Garage YardBarryJoan 110 Dec 1938FemaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettPriestleyLeonard L 386 Jan 1901MaleMarried
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettPriestleyGladys M 3419 Aug 1905Female
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettPriestleyGeorge L 1315 Aug 1926MaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettGillamJohn G 1820 Dec 1921MaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettJonesRobert 5525 Dec 1884MaleMarried
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettJonesElizabeth A 4926 Dec 1890FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Hall Cottages RossettJonesRobert J 1525 Dec 1924MaleSingle
Mill House RossettLewisWilliam E 521 Nov 1887MaleSingle
Mill House RossettJonesAnnie 5814 Sep 1881FemaleSingle
Mill House RossettLloydJohn R 384 Feb 1901MaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall RossettGriffith-BoxavenTrevor 7911 Jul 1860MaleMarried
Trevalyn Hall RossettGriffith-BoxavenAgnes L 7026 Jun 1869FemaleMarried
Trevalyn Hall RossettJonesDoris Mary 3912 Oct 1900FemaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall RossettMathewsMary L 6113 Nov 1878FemaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall RossettEvansLena 189 Sep 1921FemaleSingle
Trevalyn Hall RossettWynn-JonesElizabeth 146 Jun 1925FemaleSingle
Crabmill FarmJonesGeorgene 1613 Nov 1923FemaleSingle
Trevalyn HallJonesDoris Mary 3912 Oct 1900FemaleSingle
Cooks Bridge??Olive1620 Nov 1923FemaleSingle
Golden Lion HotelMcClurgWilliam A 334 Jul 1906MaleMarried
Gun StreetWestonGladys 2225 Oct 1917FemaleSingle
Cox Lane FarmHuntSarah 257 Jun 1914FemaleMarried
11 C. Hses. Harewoods Lane RossettKayeRobert I 2822 Feb 1911MaleMarried
Lavister SquareRandlesRobert 5023 Nov 1889MaleMarried
Lavister SquareRandlesLilian 502 Nov 1889FemaleMarried
Lavister SquareRandlesEric 182 Feb 1921MaleSingle
Lavister SquareRandlesEileen 178 Sep 1922FemaleSingle
Lavister SquareEdwardsErnest 6814 Dec 1871MaleMarried
Lavister SquareEdwardsLouisa 554 Nov 1884FemaleMarried
Lavister SquareRobertsonColin 517 Aug 1888MaleMarried
Lavister SquareRobertsonEdith M 4124 Dec 1898FemaleMarried
Lavister SquareRobertsonAlexander 825 Feb 1931MaleSingle
Lavister SquareBrethertonWillie 5815 Jan 1881MaleMarried
Lavister SquareBrethertonAnnie 574 Mar 1882FemaleMarried
Lavister SquareBeachamRichard 6221 Jun 1877MaleWidowed
Lavister SquareRutterSeythia 4322 Jan 1896FemaleSingle
Lavister SquareRutterNancy 514 Aug 1934FemaleSingle
Lavister SquareJonesCharles E 4914 Jan 1890MaleMarried
Lavister SquareJonesLucy 5121 Jun 1888FemaleMarried
Lavister SquareJonesNancy M 1819 Jul 1921FemaleSingle
Lavister SquareEllisCaroline 80Sep 1859FemaleWidowed
Lavister SquareMilesRobert 5729 Jun 1882MaleMarried
Lavister SquareMilesMaria 6124 Jun 1878FemaleMarried
Lavister SquareMilesJohn 263 Sep 1913MaleSingle
Collynie FarmBensonJoseph A 6316 Jul 1876MaleMarried
Collynie FarmBensonEdith F 657 Apr 1874FemaleMarried
Collynie FarmCharlesworthThomas W 156 Jul 1924MaleSingle
Llyndir HallLuckingStephen J 6327 Sep 1876MaleMarried
Llyndir HallLuckingMary E 5418 Dec 1885FemaleMarried
Llyndir HallLuckingPhilip C 2312 Mar 1916MaleSingle
Llyndir HallJonesStephen 3526 Mar 1904MaleMarried
Llyndir HallJonesMicfanwy 3416 Sep 1905FemaleMarried
Llyndir HallLightbodyTerence 111928MaleSingle
Llyndir??JonesJohn E 345 Nov 1905MaleMarried
Llyndir??JonesEdith M 3218 Dec 1907FemaleMarried
Llyndir??JonesJohn R 929 Sep 1930MaleSingle
Llyndir??JonesCedwyn 2828 Dec 1911MaleSingle
Broad Oak FarmWessLilian 528 Nov 1887FemaleMarried
Broad Oak FarmHansonShirley 316 Jun 1936FemaleSingle
Broad Oak FarmRogersWilliam A 6824 Sep 1871MaleWidowed
Broad Oak FarmRogersThomas A 3914 Mar 1900MaleSingle
Broad Oak FarmRogersArthur C 3817 May 1901MaleSingle
Broad Oak FarmRogersHilda M 3610 Apr 1903FemaleSingle
Broad Oak CrossingJonesSamuel A 485 Dec 1891MaleMarried
Broad Oak CrossingJonesCeridwen 3812 Apr 1901FemaleMarried
Broad Oak CrossingJonesElaine N 1425 Jan 1925FemaleSingle
Broad Oak CrossingJonesRhoda 109 Jun 1929FemaleSingle
Broad Oak CrossingJonesGeorge R 6419 Oct 1875MaleWidowed
Broad Oak CrossingJonesMillie 3929 Apr 1900FemaleSingle
Broad Oak LodgeMereerRebecca 7716 Oct 1862FemaleSingle
Broad Oak LodgeMereerIda 7014 Feb 1869FemaleSingle
Broad Oak LodgeMereerFlorence R 4616 May 1893FemaleSingle
Broad Oak LodgeEdwardsLucy 7314 Apr 1866FemaleMarried
Broad Oak LodgeEdwardsArthur 735 Nov 1866MaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesCorcoranJohn 5727 Dec 1882MaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesCorcoranMary Alice 5230 Oct 1887FemaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesBenbowDavid 686 Feb 1871MaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesBenbowJane 585 Jun 1881FemaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesFinchettHannah 4327 Aug 1896FemaleSingle
Broad Oak CottagesFinchettWilfred 1018 May 1929MaleSingle
Broad Oak CottagesMarlowJoan M 1017 Apr 1929FemaleSingle
Broad Oak CottagesMorrisJohn 4619 Aug 1893MaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesMorrisEmma 4031 Jul 1899FemaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesRobertsThomas 6528 Oct 1874MaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesRobertsMary 6222 Apr 1877FemaleMarried
Broad Oak CottagesRobertsMary E 2022 Apr 1919FemaleSingle
Cam-Yr-Alyn FarmWillisEverard S 2929 May 1910MaleMarried
Cam-Yr-Alyn FarmWillisMary 278 Oct 1912FemaleMarried
Cam-Yr-Alyn FarmWillisDerek S 323 Mar 1936MaleSingle
Cam-Yr-Alyn FarmKingThomas 6715 Jul 1872MaleSingle
Cam-Yr-Alyn Cottages Broad OakJonesLaura E 498 Feb 1890FemaleWidowed
Cam-Yr-Alyn Cottages Broad OakRobertsEdwin G 2311 May 1916MaleSingle
Cam-Yr-Alyn Cottages Broad OakJonesRonald 116 Jun 1928MaleSingle
Cam-Yr-Alyn Cottages Broad OakDunningWilliam 5210 Feb 1887MaleMarried
Cam-Yr-Alyn Cottages Broad OakDunningJane 5011 Jul 1889FemaleMarried
Cam-Yr-Alyn Cottages Broad OakDunningJohn F 1512 Mar 1924MaleSingle
Laburnam CottageLeeIsaac 6013 Apr 1879MaleMarried
Laburnam CottageLeeMary J 6613 Jan 1873FemaleMarried
Laburnam CottageLeeMargaret J 4112 Mar 1898FemaleSingle
Golden GroveHurstJohn 5728 May 1882MaleMarried
Golden GroveHurstViolet 556 Jan 1884FemaleMarried
Golden GroveHurstLily 1910 Apr 1920FemaleSingle
Burton Green CottagesJonesJesse 4825 Jan 1891MaleMarried
Burton Green CottagesJonesEmily 4814 Jun 1891FemaleMarried
Burton Green CottagesJonesHarry 6123 Nov 1878MaleMarried
Burton Green CottagesJonesElizabeth 613 Jun 1878FemaleMarried
Burton Green CottagesJonesLeslie 235 Aug 1916MaleSingle
Chapel Bungalow, Burton GreenDaviesLizzie704 Jan 1869FemaleWidowed
Chapel Bungalow, Burton GreenHuttonGeorge 778 Aug 1862MaleWidowed
Chapel House, Burton GreenSmithFrederick 523 Apr 1887MaleMarried
Chapel House, Burton GreenSmithMary 559 Jul 1884FemaleMarried
Burton HallLawleySamuel 4911 Aug 1890MaleSingle
Burton HallLawleyWarren E 3824 Jul 1901MaleSingle
Burton HallLloydNarah 311 May 1908FemaleSingle
Lilac Cottage, HonkleyDaviesJoseph Thomas 3214 Sep 1907MaleMarried
Lilac Cottage, HonkleyDaviesElizabeth 319 Nov 1908FemaleMarried
HonkleyCreweWilliam 7115 Dec 1868MaleMarried
HonkleyCreweMary E 7217 Sep 1867FemaleMarried
HonkleyCreweEdwin A 4226 Sep 1897MaleSingle
HonkleyCreweJoseph S 3814 Apr 1901MaleSingle
Meadow HouseBradshawFred 539 Mar 1886MaleMarried
Meadow HouseBradshawMary 552 Sep 1884FemaleMarried
Meadow HouseBradshawFrederick W 2912 May 1910MaleSingle
Meadow HouseBradshawClara G 395 Feb 1900FemaleSingle
Meadow HouseBradshawGeorge 2530 Jun 1914MaleSingle
Honkley CottageRobertsFrederick 462 Feb 1893MaleMarried
Honkley CottageRobertsElizabeth A 472 Dec 1892FemaleMarried
Honkley CottageRobertsArthur 1513 Aug 1924MaleSingle
HonkleyKnowlesJohn R 3018 Apr 1909MaleMarried
HonkleyKnowlesMargery 3025 Sep 1909FemaleMarried
Cherry Cottage HonkleyJonesHumphrey C 4026 Nov 1899MaleMarried
Cherry Cottage HonkleyJonesMary G 3714 Jul 1902FemaleMarried
Burton LodgeWildboreCharles N 451 Dec 1894MaleMarried
Burton LodgeWildboreFanny 5025 Sep 1889FemaleMarried
HonkleyTaylorCharles 6922 Apr 1870MaleMarried
HonkleyTaylorSarah 7423 Jul 1865FemaleMarried
HonkleyTaylorMary E 3613 Jun 1903FemaleSingle
HonkleyJuniorCharles Taylor 3220 Jun 1907MaleSingle
Honkley HallDarlingtonElizabeth 4913 Apr 1890FemaleWidowed
Honkley HallDarlingtonFred W 2229 Apr 1917MaleSingle
Honkley HallDarlingtonGwendoline 2421 Feb 1915FemaleSingle
Honkley HallDarlingtonIrene 1815 Mar 1921FemaleSingle
Honkley HallDarlingtonLeslie 159 Jul 1924MaleSingle
Honkley HallHolmesJames 207 Jul 1919MaleSingle
Burton Green (Shop)ThomasFrank 4711 Dec 1892MaleMarried
Burton Green (Shop)ThomasAgnes 475 Nov 1892FemaleMarried
Burton GreenEdwardsRichard 5617 Jan 1883MaleMarried
Burton GreenEdwardsMaud M 4811 Mar 1891FemaleMarried
Burton GreenMartinAlice 649 May 1875FemaleWidowed
School HouseWalkerArthur 3713 Apr 1902MaleMarried
School HouseWalkerWinifred M 1520 Dec 1924FemaleSingle
School HouseWalkerAudrey N 615 May 1933FemaleSingle
Burton GreenWilliamsJohn L 467 Jun 1893MaleMarried
Burton GreenWilliamsMcfanwy G 4416 Jan 1895FemaleMarried
Burton GreenWilliamsFrances J 1124 Jul 1928FemaleSingle
Sunnymead, GollyCraftsArthur 5011 Jan 1889MaleMarried
Sunnymead, GollyCraftsEdith M 5013 Apr 1889FemaleMarried
Sunnymead, Golly??William 5312 Mar 1886MaleSingle
Sunnymead, GollyWilkesHarry 6219 Jan 1877MaleSingle
Sunnymead, GollyStantonGertrude 825 Apr 1931FemaleSingle
Sunnymead, GollyStantonBeatrice 825 Apr 1931FemaleSingle
Rose Cottage, GollyHallnoellRichard A 747 Jun 1865MaleMarried
Rose Cottage, GollyHallnoellEllen J 7013 Apr 1869FemaleMarried
Lilac Cottage, GollyKeayWilliam K 595 Apr 1880MaleMarried
Lilac Cottage, GollyKeayElizabeth M 6124 Sep 1878FemaleMarried
Lye Gallen GollyBebbingtonElizabeth 6010 Aug 1879FemaleWidowed
Lye Gallen GollyJacksonDorothy 2622 Dec 1913FemaleSingle
Golly FarmMartinJohn 7428 Jan 1865MaleMarried
Golly FarmMartinPriscilla 638 Jun 1876FemaleMarried
Golly FarmMartinEthel M 3927 Jul 1900FemaleSingle
The GollyWestonSarah A 8125 May 1858FemaleWidowed
The GollyWestonSarah V 3915 Jan 1900FemaleSingle
The GollyEvansHarry 4421 Aug 1895MaleSingle
The GollyMackieHenry 498 Mar 1890MaleMarried
The GollyMackieFrances 3828 Sep 1901FemaleMarried
The GollyWheeldonCyril A 5231 Mar 1887MaleMarried
The GollyWheeldonElizabeth G 5221 Mar 1887FemaleMarried
The GollyWheeldonHerbert A 267 Oct 1913MaleSingle
The GollyWheeldonElizabeth L 1326 Jan 1926FemaleSingle
Cepny FarmWilesGeorge 4026 Feb 1899MaleMarried
Cepny FarmWilesFlorence E 294 Apr 1910FemaleMarried
Cepny FarmLyonsGeorge 1225 Dec 1927MaleSingle
Cepny FarmWestonRobert 1311 Feb 1926MaleSingle
LawnditchDaviesHarry 6012 Mar 1879MaleMarried
LawnditchDaviesClara 5630 Dec 1883FemaleMarried
LawnditchJunrClara Davies 247 Aug 1915FemaleSingle
LawnditchDaviesEdward W 3418 Oct 1905MaleMarried
LawnditchDaviesEdith 362 Mar 1903FemaleMarried
LawnditchDaviesMarlene E 32 Apr 1936FemaleSingle
Lawnditch FarmArdenSamuel 5715 Apr 1882MaleMarried
Lawnditch FarmArdenElizabeth 018 Jun 1939FemaleMarried
Lawnditch FarmArdenElizabeth 2814 Nov 1911MaleSingle
Lawnditch FarmArdenCyril P 194 Sep 1920MaleSingle
Lawnditch FarmPerryEthel C 3522 Jun 1904FemaleWidowed
Lawnditch FarmLumbEllen 762 Nov 1863FemaleWidowed
Lew FarmKeelyJoseph 5117 Mar 1888MaleMarried
Lew FarmKellyMargaret 491 Oct 1890FemaleMarried
Lew FarmKellyMary 259 May 1914FemaleSingle
Lew FarmKellyJames 227 Jun 1917MaleSingle
Lew FarmKellyJoseph B 913 Aug 1930MaleSingle
Cast View FarmDaviesThomas 5713 Nov 1882MaleMarried
Cast View FarmDaviesElsie 5026 Aug 1889FemaleMarried
Cast View FarmDaviesMary 88 Oct 1931FemaleSingle
Burke House FarmJonesJohn A 4817 May 1891MaleSingle
Burke House FarmJonesFrederick B 427 May 1897MaleMarried
Burke House FarmJonesMaud 425 Jul 1897FemaleMarried
Burke House FarmJonesRonald 51 Aug 1934MaleSingle
Burke House FarmJonesJoseph G 141 Apr 1925MaleSingle
Lower Rackery FarmEdwardsFrank 5925 Feb 1880MaleMarried
Lower Rackery FarmEdwardsDorothy L 5020 Jul 1889FemaleMarried
Lower Rackery FarmGrundyWinifred 4017 May 1899FemaleMarried
Lower Rackery FarmGrundyRoy 920 Nov 1930MaleSingle
Lower Rackery FarmStevensonGeorge 2925 Sep 1910MaleSingle
Lower Rackery FarmStevensonMarjorie 2216 Sep 1917FemaleSingle
Lower Rackery FarmReeceStanley 1510 May 1924MaleSingle
Lr Rackery, Dark LaneGuest-WilliamsRichard A 4627 Feb 1893MaleSingle
Lr Rackery, Dark LaneGuest-WilliamsCatherine 8528 Mar 1854FemaleWidowed
Lr Rackery, Dark LaneSmithAlice 6012 Mar 1879FemaleSingle
Lr Rackery, Dark LaneMcdonnellFrancis 2525 Sep 1914MaleSingle
Lr Rackery, Dark LaneMcdonnellJohn 1924 Dec 1920MaleSingle
Rackery FarmGriffithEdward E 3918 Feb 1900MaleMarried
Rackery FarmGriffithMinnie 4016 Aug 1899FemaleMarried
Rackery FarmGriffithKate 6921 Jun 1870FemaleWidowed
Rackery FarmMorrisonJohn S 3514 Apr 1904MaleMarried
Rackery Farm CottageVenablesRussell 759 May 1864MaleSingle
Burton Towers LodgeKinsellWilliam 633 Feb 1876MaleMarried
Burton Towers LodgeKinsellMary J 6418 Apr 1875FemaleMarried
Burton TowersMacnabRobert G 707 Jun 1869MaleMarried
Burton TowersMacnabHelen W 2210 Mar 1917FemaleSingle
Burton TowersLilreyMary J 246 Jun 1915FemaleMarried
Burton TowersVenablesElizabeth 697 Aug 1870FemaleSingle
Burton TowersCondeMay 1927 May 1920FemaleSingle
Mount AlynFhaulkes-RobertsThos A 5714 Jul 1882MaleMarried
Mount AlynLewisAlice A 5915 Jan 1880FemaleSingle
Mount AlynF??-RobertsAlice N 2216 Jun 1917FemaleSingle
Mount AlynKennyEmily W 248 Mar 1915FemaleMarried
Mount Alyn??Isabella 3628 Mar 1903FemaleSingle
The Cottage, Mount AlynGriffithsSamuel A 3019 Mar 1909MaleMarried
The Cottage, Mount AlynGriffithsHilda 3130 Jan 1908FemaleMarried
The Cottage, Mount AlynGriffithsMargaret E 421 Dec 1935FemaleSingle
Gardener's House Mount AlynFleetFred S 619 Jun 1878MaleMarried
Gardener's House Mount AlynFleetLouise A 616 Dec 1878FemaleMarried
Gardener's House Mount AlynSuttonMary 297 Feb 1910FemaleMarried
Alyn SquarePowellJohn 299 May 1910MaleMarried
Alyn SquarePowellElizabeth 2731 May 1912FemaleMarried
Alyn SquarePowellHilda A 54 Feb 1934FemaleSingle
Alyn SquareChadwickCharles 4819 Aug 1891MaleMarried
Alyn SquareChadwickAnnie M 4725 May 1892FemaleMarried
Alyn SquareChadwickWilliam C 1723 Aug 1922MaleSingle
Alyn SquareChadwickThomas 1325 Nov 1926MaleSingle
Ironmonger's ShopJonesHorace 4116 Sep 1898MaleWidowed
5, Sunny VillasBlundellJames 5931 Mar 1880MaleSingle
4, Sunny VillasBurnsideArchibald 5421 Nov 1885MaleMarried
4, Sunny VillasBurnsideFrances M 5811 Aug 1881FemaleMarried
4, Sunny VillasBreakwellAlbert A 261 Jan 1913MaleSingle
3, Sunny VillasFindlayHenry C 555 Nov 1884MaleMarried
3, Sunny VillasFindlayEmly 472 Jun 1892FemaleMarried
2, Sunny VillasCowperthwaiteAlfred 4023 Oct 1899MaleMarried
2, Sunny VillasCowperthwaiteElizabeth 3623 Nov 1903FemaleMarried
2, Sunny VillasNeedhamEmma 7417 Sep 1865FemaleWidowed
1, Sunny VillasHalliwellSarah 697 Oct 1870FemaleWidowed
1, Sunny VillasHalliwellElizabeth 774 Jan 1862FemaleSingle
1, Sunny VillasEllisRobert 7224 Apr 1867MaleWidowed
The VicaragePhillipsFred 6811 Oct 1871MaleWidowed
The VicaragePhillipsEva 4214 1897FemaleSingle
The VicaragePeakeMartha C 6810 Jun 1871FemaleSingle
Roseacre Station Rd.JonesMary A 831 Apr 1856FemaleWidowed
Wynona Station Rd.JonesJane 8326 Mar 1856FemaleWidowed
Alyn StoneEvansWilliam Henry 632 Feb 1876MaleMarried
Alyn StoneEvansBessie 4718 Jan 1892FemaleMarried
Burnside, Station Rd.WaddingtonJohn J 6029 Jul 1879MaleMarried
Burnside, Station Rd.WaddingtonElsie 597 Mar 1880FemaleMarried
Burnside, Station Rd.WarryFrank H 4328 Mar 1896MaleMarried
Burnside, Station Rd.WarryElsie M 3913 Jan 1900FemaleMarried
Alyn View Station Rd.WilkesEllen 765 Sep 1863FemaleWidowed
Alyn View Station Rd.PearsonGrace E 6514 Feb 1874FemaleSingle
Alyn View Station Rd.JamesMinnie L 5922 Jan 1880FemaleSingle
Alyn View Station Rd.HumphreysCatherine 7013 Jun 1869FemaleSingle
Alyn View Station Rd.DoneHannah 5519 Aug 1884FemaleSingle
Riversleigh, Station Rd.LewisWalter J 526 Dec 1887MaleSingle
Riversleigh, Station Rd.LewisMargaret 5711 Oct 1882FemaleSingle
Riversleigh, Station Rd.LewisRonald A 2516 Aug 1914MaleSingle
Riversleigh, Station Rd.DaviesAnnie 2616 Sep 1913FemaleSingle
Bassett House, Station Rd.HalfordMary Dara 5626 Sep 1883FemaleWidowed
Bassett House, Station Rd.WilliamsMatilda 3816 Oct 1901FemaleSingle
Little Bassett, Station LaneWolffLilian E 5521 Sep 1884FemaleWidowed
Little Bassett, Station LaneWolffJohn E 2029 Jan 1919MaleSingle
Little Bassett, Station LaneHollinsFrances M 577 Jun 1882FemaleSingle
Little Bassett, Station LaneWilliamsDara 439 Apr 1896FemaleSingle
Little Bassett, Station LaneDaviesEnid M 5924 Feb 1880FemaleSingle
Dealstone, Station LaneFrithJames L 741 Jul 1865MaleWidowed
Dealstone, Station LaneFrithConstance M 3819 Nov 1901FemaleSingle
Halm Station LaneBoydellAnnie O 7114 Jun 1868FemaleWidowed
Halm Station LaneBoydellEvelyn 3925 Feb 1900FemaleSingle
Radnor House Station LaneMeredithMarianne 7521 Nov 1864FemaleSingle
Radnor House Station LaneWilkinsonElizabeth 3521 Jul 1904FemaleSingle
Station HouseLovekinWilliam 4712 Feb 1892MaleMarried
Station HouseLovekinHester M 471 Aug 1892FemaleMarried
Station CottageTellisMargarit 779 Dec 1862FemaleWidowed
Station CottageAnkersJohn S 325 Dec 1907MaleMarried
Station CottageAnkersMartha 4119 Sep 1898FemaleMarried
Station CottageAnkersJohn Leslie 05 Mar 1939MaleSingle
Station CottageEllisEthel 5010 Jan 1889FemaleSingle
Bryn Alyn, Station RdLloydJulia L 6217 Mar 1877FemaleSingle
Bryn Alyn, Station RdLloydHarry O 649 Apr 1875MaleSingle
Bryn Alyn, Station RdLloydRichard V 6021 Jun 1879MaleSingle
Weir BankDaviesEmlyn 3814 Aug 1901MaleMarried
Weir BankDaviesKathleen A 3926 Sep 1900FemaleMarried
Weir BankDaviesJeffrey F 55 Feb 1934MaleSingle
River CottageWilliamsHelen S 7429 Jan 1865FemaleSingle
River CottageWilliamsRichard G 6824 Aug 1871MaleSingle
River CottageShawEsther 4129 Sep 1898FemaleSingle
The CausewayWilmanAlbert 6117 Jul 1878MaleMarried
The CausewayWilmanMary A 6431 Mar 1875FemaleMarried
Cam-yr-Alyn LodgeDaviesWilliam A 4716 Jan 1892MaleMarried
Cam-yr-Alyn LodgeDaviesKathleen V 4614 Feb 1893FemaleMarried
Cam-yr-Alyn LodgeDaviesVida A 1823 Apr 1921FemaleSingle
Cam Yr AlynTtrevorMary E 5618 Oct 1883FemaleMarried
Cam Yr AlynDaviesAnnie 378 Apr 1902FemaleSingle
Cam Yr AlynArchardSarah E 774 Jul 1862FemaleSingle
Cam Yr AlynCroonElizabeth J 3819 Jul 1901FemaleSingle
Cam Yr AlynGriffithEllen A 5021 Feb 1889FemaleSingle
Church View, Burton Rd.DuttonBenjamin W 6525 Sep 1874MaleMarried
Church View, Burton Rd.DuttonJessie 512 Mar 1888FemaleMarried
Church View, Burton Rd.DuttonEdgar 2412 Dec 1915MaleSingle
Elmfield, Burton Rd.ThomasJames A 261 May 1913MaleMarried
Elmfield, Burton Rd.ThomasJean M 2123 Apr 1918FemaleMarried
Elmfield, Burton Rd.RobertsMartha 720 Apr 1932FemaleSingle
Walcat, Burton Rd.PrestonLeslie 3121 Sep 1908MaleMarried
Walcat, Burton Rd.PrestonMargaret 323 Mar 1907FemaleMarried
Oakhurst, Burton Rd.CockraneBruce W 3316 Aug 1906MaleMarried
Oakhurst, Burton Rd.CockraneRuby F 3013 Jul 1909FemaleMarried
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.HuglinBarney 389 Oct 1901MaleMarried
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.HuglinJennie 3918 Jun 1900FemaleMarried
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.HuglinL I 3315 Aug 1906FemaleMarried
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.HuglinPena 1017 Feb 1929FemaleSingle
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.HuglinMaree 2723 Jan 1912FemaleMarried
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.??Caroline314 Jan 1908FemaleSingle
Woodleigh, Burton Rd.??Rachele384 Jul 1901FemaleSingle
Lynleigh, Burton Rd.BeavonThomas A 3930 Sep 1900MaleMarried
Lynleigh, Burton Rd.BeavonFlorence 338 Apr 1906FemaleMarried
Rackwardene, Burton Rd.TerryJohn T 324 Nov 1907MaleMarried
MallraethWillisJohn A 325 Jun 1907MaleMarried
MallraethWillisElinor 334 Jan 1906FemaleMarried
MallraethL??Agnes 306 May 1909FemaleSingle
??????1230 Jun 1927MaleSingle
RavenswoodShepherdWilliam G 3128 Jun 1908MaleMarried
RavenswoodShepherdLeila 284 Dec 1911FemaleMarried
InglenookWittFrederick G 5328 Feb 1886MaleMarried
InglenookWittEdith 5224 Aug 1887FemaleMarried
InglenookWittJoan 1612 May 1923FemaleSingle
DeefrynRestallGladys E 5624 Nov 1883FemaleMarried
DeefrynStoneMartha 3320 Dec 1906FemaleMarried
DeefrynStoneDareen C 421 Feb 1935FemaleSingle
DeefrynMEdith 3316 Jul 1906FemaleMarried
OakfieldSmithSidney 551 Nov 1884MaleMarried
OakfieldSmithCharlotte A 5719 Jan 1882FemaleMarried
DevaTaylorErnest S 3422 May 1905MaleMarried
DevaTaylorDoris 3518 Nov 1904FemaleMarried
AnnefieldGriffithsJohn 3315 Apr 1906MaleMarried
AnnefieldGriffithsJennie 3022 Oct 1909FemaleMarried
AnnefieldGriffithsMarjorie 630 Jan 1933FemaleSingle
AnnefieldGriffithsWilliam 3923 May 1900MaleSingle
Cam-yr-Alyn CottageGillamJohn 6017 Feb 1879MaleWidowed
BarnfeldeCameron-DaviesConstance M 722 Feb 1867FemaleWidowed
BarnfeldeMWilliam 3415 Aug 1905MaleMarried
BarnfeldeEllsonAnnie 2422 Jul 1915FemaleSingle
BarnfeldeHumphreysMargaret 162 Mar 1923FemaleSingle
1 Barnfelde CottagesGillamArthur 3221 Jul 1907MaleMarried
1 Barnfelde CottagesGillamBessie 2423 May 1915FemaleMarried
1 Barnfelde CottagesGillamDorothy 022 May 1939FemaleSingle
2, Barnfelde CottagesRaymondEmily 564 Jun 1883FemaleWidowed
3, Barnfelde CottagesMorganElizabeth A 711 Jun 1868FemaleWidowed
4, Barnfelde CottagesPrattGeorge W 7017 Oct 1869MaleMarried
4, Barnfelde CottagesPrattAnn 633 Jun 1876FemaleMarried
6, Barnfelde CottagesScottEdward 5610 Jul 1883MaleMarried
6, Barnfelde CottagesScottElizabeth 3915 May 1900FemaleMarried
6, Barnfelde CottagesScottFrederick 1430 Dec 1925MaleSingle
7, Barnfelde CottagesGillamJohn 702 Oct 1869MaleMarried
7, Barnfelde CottagesGillamMary 658 Mar 1874FemaleMarried
7, Barnfelde CottagesGillamGeorge 2531 May 1914MaleSingle
Rofft CottageThornHerbert 6620 Nov 1873MaleWidowed
Rofft CottageLloydIvy 2526 Jan 1914FemaleMarried
Rofft CottageLloydDorothea 222 Jun 1937FemaleSingle
Rofft CottageThomasOliven 189 Dec 1921FemaleSingle
Rofft CottageLloydDouglas 335 May 1906MaleMarried
Walnut Cottage, Burton RdPickeringWilliam 8120 Mar 1858MaleMarried
Walnut Cottage, Burton RdPickeringPrudence 8031 Aug 1859FemaleMarried
Rosslyn, Burton RdMitchellJohn T 5728 Sep 1882MaleMarried
Rosslyn, Burton RdMitchellChristiana J 5413 Dec 1885FemaleMarried
Lynward Burton RdClareMartha 625 Aug 1877FemaleSingle
Briarley Burton RdDaviesEmma 61Jan 1878FemaleSingle
Briarley Burton RdDaviesGladys 4823 Mar 1891FemaleMarried
Gravel Pit FarmBarberFrank D 5122 Apr 1888MaleMarried
Gravel Pit FarmBarberPatrince 5316 Dec 1886FemaleMarried
Bee Cottage, Burton RdAllmanGeorge P 411 Aug 1898MaleMarried
Bee Cottage, Burton RdAllmanMargaret H 3926 Sep 1900FemaleMarried
Bee Cottage, Burton RdAllmanGeorge T 430 Jul 1935MaleSingle
Honeysuckle CottageJonesEdwin 8024 Jul 1859MaleMarried
Honeysuckle CottageJonesMary 8114 Sep 1858FemaleMarried
Honeysuckle CottageJonesEdith 5029 Jul 1889FemaleSingle
1, Poplar RowFordCharles J 3226 Jul 1907MaleMarried
1, Poplar RowFordKate A 3414 1905FemaleMarried
1, Poplar RowFordBryan G 213 Dec 1937MaleSingle
2, Poplar RowKirbyHerbert 4414 Jan 1895MaleMarried
2, Poplar RowKirbyCharlotte 455 Jan 1894FemaleMarried
2, Poplar RowKirbyJohn 1628 Oct 1923MaleSingle
3, Poplar RowJonesWilliam H 7419 Mar 1865MaleMarried
3, Poplar RowJonesIsabella J 7725 Jan 1862FemaleMarried
4, Poplar RowBaileyThomas 2811 Oct 1911MaleMarried
4, Poplar RowBaileyGladys M 264 May 1913FemaleMarried
4, Poplar RowBaileyMary S 110 Feb 1938FemaleSingle
4, Poplar RowJohnsonAlfred 1811 Apr 1921MaleSingle
5, Poplar RowFareGrace 721 Mar 1867FemaleMarried
6, Poplar RowSpencerLaurence 5119 Feb 1888MaleMarried
6, Poplar RowSpencerSarah E 4725 May 1892FemaleMarried
Roft LaneJesheGodfrey 7724 Jul 1862MaleSingle
Roft LaneTunnicliffeMary E 7022 Feb 1869FemaleMarried
GreenfieldRollandSarah A 8017 Apr 1859FemaleWidowed
Red CottageBaileyWilliam 5010 Dec 1889MaleMarried
Red CottageBaileyHarriet R 4516 Aug 1894FemaleMarried
Red CottageBaileyFrank W 2015 Dec 1919MaleSingle
Red CottageBaileyFredrick 1826 Sep 1921MaleSingle
Red CottageBaileyBeryl 128 Jan 1927FemaleSingle
Red CottageBaileyCyril 34 Dec 1936MaleSingle
Burton HouseSharpeSydney G 6217 Jan 1877MaleMarried
Burton HouseSharpeSuzelle A 5822 Feb 1881FemaleMarried
Burton HouseSharpeJill A 185 Jan 1921FemaleSingle
Burton HouseHindArsula M 2923 Feb 1910FemaleMarried
Burton HouseHindJohn H 329 Oct 1907MaleMarried
Burton HouseOwenConstance 2517 May 1914FemaleSingle
Burton House LodgeEllisAnn 4715 Apr 1892FemaleMarried
Burton House LodgeEllisCharles W 581 Aug 1881MaleMarried
Burton House LodgeEllisJames 553 Jun 1884MaleSingle
Burton House LodgeEllisEllen L 1622 May 1923FemaleSingle
Burton House LodgeEllisWilliam P 219 Jul 1918MaleSingle
RavenebaurneClarkHenry D 5717 Sep 1882MaleMarried
RavenebaurneClarkMarguerite F 554 Jul 1884FemaleMarried
RavenebaurneClarkMyles D 238 Sep 1916MaleSingle
Ivy CottageWilliamsGeoffrey 4622 Jun 1893MaleMarried
Ivy CottageWilliamsNellie 4926 Sep 1890FemaleMarried
Ivy CottageClaranceWilliam 8314 Nov 1856MaleWidowed
Ravenebaurne CottageWilliamsEvan 4710 Jun 1892MaleMarried
Ravenebaurne CottageWilliamsAngus 363 Dec 1903FemaleMarried
Balls Hall FarmBellisJohn C 5925 Mar 1880MaleMarried
Balls Hall FarmBellisAgnes M 6030 Apr 1879FemaleMarried
Balls Hall FarmBellisEdwin C 3124 Jul 1908MaleSingle
Greenfield CottagePowellAnn 932 Mar 1846FemaleMarried
Greenfield CottageAllmanMary 712 Aug 1868FemaleWidowed
Greenfield CottageDevittAnnie 691 Jan 1870FemaleSingle
Greenfield CottageAllmanHerbert 6414 Nov 1875MaleMarried
Greenfield CottageAllmanCharles I 5026 Oct 1889MaleWidowed
The OrchardsParkerSarah 6622 Jun 1873FemaleMarried
The OrchardsParkerPhyllis D 347 Feb 1905FemaleSingle
The OrchardsParkerThomas R 3225 Sep 1907MaleSingle
1 Rosemary CottagesJonesWilliam A 6122 Oct 1878MaleSingle
2 Rosemary CottagesRobertsGriffith 2824 Jun 1911MaleMarried
2 Rosemary CottagesRobertsFlorence E 2624 Aug 1913FemaleMarried
3 Rosemary CottagesD??Eva 3018 Sep 1909FemaleSingle
4, Rofft ViewLewisRichard 6311 Feb 1876MaleMarried
4, Rofft ViewLewisEllen 585 Oct 1881FemaleMarried
4, Rofft ViewJunrRichard Lewis 2229 Mar 1917MaleSingle
4, Rofft ViewLewisEdward 1815 Sep 1921MaleSingle
3, Rofft ViewSmithThomas 6520 Aug 1874MaleMarried
3, Rofft ViewSmithEllen I 667 Dec 1873FemaleMarried
3, Rofft ViewRowlandsThomas J 3629 Aug 1903MaleSingle
2, Rofft ViewWinegardCharles 5612 Aug 1883MaleMarried
2, Rofft ViewWinegardElizabeth 6329 Mar 1876FemaleMarried
2, Rofft ViewWinegardHilda 2221 Aug 1917FemaleSingle
2, Rofft ViewLloydJohn D 2520 Jul 1914MaleSingle
1, Rofft ViewHollandJohn 507 Jul 1889MaleMarried
1, Rofft ViewHollandMaud M 4319 Apr 1896FemaleMarried
The HovenWilesErnest A 6331 Jan 1876MaleWidowed
The HovenWilesIsabe 223 Feb 1917FemaleSingle
HollywoodWoolrichJohn A 5825 Jan 1881MaleMarried
HollywoodWoolrichMuriel K 3516 Mar 1904FemaleMarried
BriarwoodCunnahBernard R 397 Jul 1900MaleMarried
BriarwoodCunnahElizabeth A 357 Jan 1904FemaleMarried
BriarwoodCunnahMabel 1920 Apr 1920FemaleSingle
BriarwoodCunnahRonald 154 Nov 1924MaleSingle
BriarwoodCunnahClifford 1119 Jun 1928MaleSingle
Stoneleigh CottageHaynesWilliam 6113 Apr 1878MaleMarried
Stoneleigh CottageHaynesMary A 773 Jul 1862FemaleMarried
Strathalyn BungalowFarmstoneGeorge 3114 Apr 1908MaleMarried
Strathalyn BungalowFarmstoneRobinette B 241 Oct 1915FemaleMarried
KinrossEdwardsJohn 7217 Dec 1867MaleMarried
KinrossEdwardsMary E 7413 Oct 1865FemaleMarried
Peacock LodgeRobertsJohn A 4223 May 1897MaleMarried
Peacock LodgeRobertsElizabeth 3914 Oct 1900FemaleMarried
Peacock LodgeWorthingtonLillie 6614 Aug 1873FemaleWidowed
Peacock LodgeSmithGwendoline 3023 Sep 1909FemaleSingle
Burton CottageHulmeJames L 587 Apr 1881MaleSingle
Burton CottageHulmeGertrude E 651 Nov 1874FemaleSingle
NarmareeWilesLilian E 3016 Nov 1909FemaleMarried
NarmareeWilesKathleen N 714 May 1932FemaleSingle
KimelLoweJohn 2521 Feb 1914MaleMarried
LlyntroWoolrichHarriet 9424 Apr 1845FemaleWidowed
LlyntroWoolrichMary 598 Jul 1880FemaleSingle
Burton Farm CottagesStevensonFrederick S 3426 Aug 1905MaleMarried
Burton Farm CottagesStevensonJohn 5727 May 1882MaleWidowed
Burton Farm CottagesStevensonHilda 3026 Feb 1909FemaleMarried
Burton Farm CottagesGoodwinFrederick 6311 Nov 1876MaleMarried
Burton Farm CottagesGoodwinAnn 6519 Jul 1874FemaleMarried
Burton Farm CottagesGoodwinMuriel 1722 Sep 1922FemaleSingle
Burton FarmShepherdCecil T 2713 Jun 1912MaleMarried
Burton FarmShepherdGeoffrey H 155 Jan 1924MaleSingle
Burton FarmShepherdGerald R 1323 Nov 1926MaleSingle
Burton FarmLushWilhelmina C 4322 Aug 1896FemaleSingle
Three Ways'BowenJohn S 2928 Oct 1910MaleMarried
Three Ways'BowenMarie C 2911 Sep 1910FemaleMarried
Three Ways'HaroldWinifred 817 Sep 1931FemaleSingle
LeewayRawTom 3531 Jul 1904MaleMarried
LeewayRawClara E FemaleMarried
LeewayLeggeHenry A 6525 Jun 1874MaleWidowed
Rosemund, Croeshowell LaneMarshallAlice 5927 May 1880FemaleWidowed
Rosemund, Croeshowell LaneRobertsLeonard 2721 Nov 1912MaleMarried
Rosemund, Croeshowell LaneRobertsEdith E 284 Jul 1911FemaleMarried
Wrentham, Croeshowell LaneMossGeorge B 3929 May 1900MaleMarried
Wrentham, Croeshowell LaneMossGladys 391 Nov 1900FemaleMarried
Wrentham, Croeshowell LaneMossNorah 1631 Dec 1923FemaleSingle
Belmont, Croeshowell LaneWallCharles 6622 Oct 1873MaleMarried
Belmont, Croeshowell LaneWallMary Jane 6823 Apr 1871FemaleMarried
Numasa, Croeshowell LaneLawrenceAlbert 3013 Jun 1909MaleMarried
Numasa, Croeshowell LaneLawrenceEsther 4720 May 1892FemaleMarried
Numasa, Croeshowell LaneLawrenceTrevor 166 Apr 1923MaleSingle
Numasa, Croeshowell LaneLawrenceSadie 1419 Oct 1925FemaleSingle
Malava, Croeshowell LaneDaviesTheodora E 2928 Mar 1910FemaleMarried
Malava, Croeshowell LaneMcc??lleMaureen 72 Apr 1932FemaleSingle
Kenwyn, Croeshowell LaneWilliamsGeorge 5217 Sep 1887MaleMarried
Kenwyn, Croeshowell LaneWilliamsElizabeth H 505 Aug 1889FemaleMarried
Kenwyn, Croeshowell LaneWilliamsGeorge K 1918 Apr 1920MaleSingle
Kenwyn, Croeshowell LaneGoodwinMary E 259 May 1914FemaleMarried
Brantwood, Croeshowell LaneGriffithsGeorge 2811 Nov 1911MaleMarried
Brantwood, Croeshowell LaneGriffithsEva M 2723 Jul 1912FemaleMarried
Brynhowell, Croeshowell LaneJonesRobert E 3417 Oct 1905MaleMarried
Brynhowell, Croeshowell LaneJonesElsie 3115 Aug 1908FemaleMarried
Ingleholme, Croeshowell LaneChalonerRichard 3130 Jun 1908MaleMarried
Ingleholme, Croeshowell LaneChalonerAnnie 292 Mar 1910FemaleMarried
Endsleigh, Croeshowell LaneWilesThomas 319 May 1908MaleMarried
Endsleigh, Croeshowell LaneWilesGertrude 2524 Aug 1914FemaleMarried
Endsleigh, Croeshowell LaneWilesNorman Thomas 126 Feb 1938MaleSingle
Farraway, Croeshowell LaneEvansGwilym C 3819 Nov 1901MaleMarried
Farraway, Croeshowell LaneEvansElise 2928 Aug 1910FemaleMarried
Lundy, Croeshowell LaneSmithReginald G 4027 Nov 1899MaleMarried
Lundy, Croeshowell LaneSmithAlice M 4021 Jun 1899FemaleMarried
Lundy, Croeshowell LaneSmithAlan T 1514 May 1924MaleSingle
Lundy, Croeshowell LaneSmithFrank W 1227 May 1927MaleSingle
Lundy, Croeshowell Lane??Marie 1217 Dec 1927FemaleSingle
Avondale, Croeshowell LaneWilesJohn 3916 Oct 1900MaleMarried
Avondale, Croeshowell LaneWilesGwenfrewy 362 Nov 1903FemaleMarried
The Rest, Croeshowell LanePickeringRobert 724 Jun 1867MaleSingle
Croeshowell CottageLloydMargaret 5513 May 1884FemaleSingle
Croeshowell CottageLloydLucy 5324 Jun 1886FemaleSingle
Croeshowell CottageLloydHarriett 5114 Feb 1888FemaleSingle
Gardeners CottageDaviesRobert W 385 Jul 1901MaleMarried
Gardeners CottageDaviesMargaret 364 Jun 1903FemaleMarried
Guests FarmMoretonWilliam 573 Feb 1882MaleMarried
Guests FarmMoretonPheobe E 4627 Oct 1893FemaleMarried
Guests Farm (Buildings)StantonCharles T 4011 Jan 1899MaleMarried
Guests Farm (Buildings)JunrElizabeth M 4112 Jan 1898FemaleMarried
The Lodge, CroeshowellKnightHarry 4024 Mar 1899MaleMarried
The Lodge, CroeshowellKnightFrances M 4012 Apr 1899FemaleMarried
CroeshowellMarchEleanor C 7716 Oct 1862FemaleSingle
CroeshowellWilliamsMair 2823 Nov 1911FemaleSingle
CroeshowellAlwynDoris 3222 Apr 1907FemaleSingle
CroeshowellDaviesMary J 4711 Apr 1892FemaleSingle
CroeshowellSykesMary V 8318 Dec 1856FemaleWidowed
Yew Tree LodgeEvansRobert 3628 Sep 1903MaleMarried
Yew Tree LodgeEvansBladwen 3413 Sep 1905FemaleMarried
Yew Tree LodgeEvansAlivena 810 Jan 1931FemaleSingle
Yew Tree FarmDaviesAlbert E 478 Sep 1892MaleMarried
Yew Tree FarmDaviesMargaret J 4417 Jul 1895FemaleMarried
Yew Tree FarmDaviesMargaret 618 Apr 1933FemaleSingle
Lew Tree ??ChalonerJames M 3425 Oct 1905MaleMarried
Lew Tree ??ChalonerGwendaler 3220 Apr 1907FemaleMarried
Derwen AlynRichmondElizabeth M 325 Jul 1907FemaleMarried
Derwen AlynTilstonDorothy M 2430 Jan 1915FemaleSingle
Derwen AlynGuestAnnie 2125 Oct 1918FemaleSingle
Derwen AlynWainwrightElsie May 2326 Feb 1916FemaleSingle
Derwen AlynEssingtonFrances E FemaleSingle
Glyn AlynMaelaranAlexander N 4925 Dec 1890MaleMarried
Glyn AlynMaelaranCynthia M 3126 Oct 1908FemaleMarried
Glyn AlynBarthelemyFlorence FemaleMarried
Strathalyn LodgeLennseEdgar J 429 Jan 1897MaleMarried
Strathalyn LodgeLennseDorothy A 4110 Feb 1898FemaleMarried
StrathalynNobleArthur A 528 Sep 1887MaleMarried
StrathalynNobleEllen 5224 Dec 1887FemaleMarried
StrathalynNobleHelen C FemaleSingle
StrathalynEMary 3418 Nov 1905FemaleSingle
StrathalynHoodSarah E 309 Jun 1909FemaleWidowed
StrathalynCrawhardElizabeth 2610 Jan 1913FemaleSingle
StrathalynJonesRose 192 Dec 1920FemaleSingle
StrathalynWestonMary W 1027 Jun 1929FemaleSingle
StrathalynWestonIsabel FemaleSingle
StrathalynEllisonHannah 829 Jan 1931FemaleSingle
StrathalynEllisonMaureen Female
Stonewall FarmDaviesCharles 6315 May 1876MaleMarried
Stonewall FarmDaviesEmily 672 Jun 1872FemaleMarried
Stonewall FarmMorrisThomas R 183 May 1921MaleSingle
Cam-yr-Alyn Ishabel HouseTappArthur 5417 Mar 1885MaleMarried
Cam-yr-Alyn Ishabel HouseTappFrances S 5318 Sep 1886FemaleMarried
Cam-yr-Alyn Ishabel HouseTappCharles 2329 Oct 1916MaleSingle
Cam-yr-Alyn Ishabel HouseTappJohn 2329 Oct 1916MaleSingle
LlyntroDuckworthEmmaeling M 6727 Dec 1872FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanagePatienceSister Mary 4918 Dec 1890FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageEveEdith W
Croeshowell OrphanageCollinsJoan
Croeshowell OrphanageEvansDorothy
Croeshowell OrphanageEllisAgnes 1030 Dec 1929FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageFentonMargarit 1321 Dec 1926FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageFentonEthel 921 Apr 1930FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageSadlerKathleen D 1126 Dec 1928FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageTauntonPatricia 723 Jun 1932FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageWatkinDoreen 36 May 1936FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageWarrenD 510 Feb 1934FemaleSingle
Burton TowersOwensFrances A 3211 Dec 1907FemaleMarried
Burton TowersOwensJohn R 416 Nov 1935MaleSingle
Burton TowersCookeDorothy 2526 Sep 1914FemaleMarried
Burton TowersLongworthFrances 3912 Jan 1900FemaleMarried
Burton TowersWilkinsonIda 2827 Apr 1911FemaleMarried
Croeshowell OrphanageRobertsEileen Alice 1514 Apr 1924FemaleSingle
Burton TowersTilneyMary J 2421 Jun 1915FemaleMarried
Croeshowell OrphanageMenziesJean 1015 Jul 1929FemaleSingle
New Farm GollyKellyMargaret 491 Oct 1890FemaleMarried
3 Rosemary CottagesDaviesEva 3018 Sep 1909FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageWalkerAudrey N 615 May 1933FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanageEllisTheresa 1124 May 1928FemaleSingle
Croeshowell OrphanagePatienceSister Mary 4918 Dec 1890FemaleSingle