Rossett Flooding – 6th November 2000

Thanks to Dave Roberts who recorded the original video on VHS tape. It was digitally converted by the Rossett Action Group for upload to YouTube.

We are looking for further video or pictorial evidence of flooding in Rossett from 2000 or 1976. The area of Harwoods Lane through to the Village of Trevelayn is sought after as is the Trevalyn Hall View area. We can scan and return photographs; copy and return video tapes/DVD’s; copy and return 8mm/16mm cine film. Digital copies will also be given to the person supplying the evidence. Contact:

Sennedd 29 Jan 20Julie James Interference with Inspectors LDP Decision

This is the statement that Julie James AM made to the Sennedd on 29 January 2020 in response to a question by Plaid Cymru North Wales AM Llyr Gruffydd. Her statement (see video) clearly interferes with the decision that has still to be made by a Welsh Government Independent Inspector.

Llyr Gruffydd – “Over the past five years, the increase in population has been significantly lower than the forecasts. Despite this, the Planning Inspectorate still isn’t listening because they continue to challenge Wrexham Council. Wrexham Council is looking at a target of some 8,500 homes in their LDP, whilst the Planning Inspectorate insist that they need around 12,000 in that plan. That will mean building more homes on greenfield sites and it will create some sort of urban sprawl which will destroy unique communities in the area. Where does the government stand on this issue – are you in favour of a regime which enforces the building of unnecessary homes or are you in favour of protecting our communities and our environment?”
Leader Live Reporter – Liam Randall

The full transcript of these questions and answers relating to the Wrexham LDP can be found on the Assembly Records. Starts at Item 2 Paragraph No. 107, and ends Para No.120

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