This is the web site for the the Rossett Focus Group. The RFG was formed in 2018 by a small number of local residents in response to an unwanted housing development that clearly did not comply with Welsh planning regulations and was on land that had previously flooded. The group includes professionally qualified experts in the field of law, planning and local government. Whilst the main focus was on opposing the Bellis applications a considerable input was made to the LDP hearings.

Rossett is a small village in North East Wales within the County Borough of Wrexham. In the 2011 census it was recorded as having a population of 3,231. The Rossett community includes the villages of Burton, Burton Green, Trevalyn and Lavister.

The aim of the RFG is to protect the village from unwanted developments and to help residents when objecting to planning applications. We have a closed private Facebook Group away from unwanted attention from developers, agents and journalists. All residents, former residents and neighbours are welcome to join our Facebook Group, you can participate or just view from the sidelines.

One of our objectives is to create a repository of photographs, videos, cinefilm, newspaper cuttings, documents, etc. that will aid in bring historical flood information to the notice of National Resources Wales (NRW).

Rossett c1950 and Today (click image to visit NLS georeferenced interactive map)