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Request for Investigation by Well-being Commissioner

Introduction The ongoing assault on the Well-being of the Community is giving rise to Rossett Focus Group having major concerns ...
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Map showing boundary changes between Rossett ward and the adjacent new ward of Llay/Burton

Boundary Commission Suspends Consultation

An update from the Chief Executive of the Boundary Commission in relation to the Wrexham changes. See previous post about ...
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Planning lies from the Welsh Government

Brush-Off by Wales Planning Inspectorate

Well we have the final brush-off by the Welsh Planning Inspectorate (PINS). It appears that they don’t want to hear ...
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Front Cover of a National Registration Identity Card

Rossett in 1939

Following our recent post about the 75th anniversary of VE Day and Rossett War Memorial, it seems a good opportunity ...
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Welsh First Ministers Response to Rossett Community

Introduction In a previous post we set out our complaints to the relevant Welsh authorities. We had been directed towards ...
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Proposed site in foreground

Rossett Complaint against Planning Inspector and Welsh Minister of Housing and Local Government

The Community of Rossett has been angered by the recent decision by the Welsh Minister Julie James to approve development ...
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Map of Rossett Green Area

Nuisances in Rossett Green

Wrexham Advertiser 25 August 1866 Nuisances were a different matter back in this era. Rossett Green though seemed to have ...
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War Memorial

VE Day – 75th Anniversary

End of WW2 in Europe The 8th May this year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2 in ...
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Location Map of St Peters Well

St Peter’s Well

Is it now time for this medieval Holy Well associated with the lost St Peter’s Chapel to be reinstated as ...
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North Field 2016

Judicial Review Update

Land North and South of Holt Road, Rossett Following the advice (Counsels Opinion) of a Barrister in London Rossett Focus ...
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Map of station road area

Boundary Changes – Village Meeting

A well attended Community Council meeting took place at the Village Hall to discuss the proposed boundary changes to the ...
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RFG Meeting – 8 March

A smaller gathering than usual of RFG members met last night to consider our responses to recent events. Items I ...
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