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Objection Document on Behalf of Rossett Focus Group

Background: The Rossett Focus Group was formed in 2017 by a group of 8 residents to fight any planning application ...
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Photos of the dangerous section of the road

Defective Pedestrian Footway

Local Council Planners and Housing Developer Conspire to Build Defective Pedestrian Footway in Rossett Despite warnings from the Equalities Commission ...
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Flooding Evidence at the 2002 UDP Enquiry

On 16 July 2002 the Environment Agency Wales (Now Natural Resources Wales) gave evidence at the Wrexham UDP Enquiry on ...
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Flooding Evidence Submission to WCBC

1.0 Introduction This is just one of a series of objection reports prepared by the Rossett Focus Group in response ...
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Rossett Electoral Boundary

Boundary Commission Decision

We now have an update from the Boundary Commission on the proposals to remove Burton from the Rossett Ward and ...
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Flooding in 2000

Highway Safety & Flooding Updates

There have been a number of developments relating to the Bellis Planning Consent. The RFG are now in a position ...
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Remembrance Day Poppies at The Tower of London in 2014

Remembrance Day

The Remembrance Day symbolism of the poppy started with a poem written by a Canadian World War I brigade surgeon ...
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Front Cover of a National Registration Identity Card

Rossett in 1911

Following our recent post about Remembrance Day and Rossett War Memorial, it seems a good opportunity to list all the ...
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Rossett Steps Up Development Protests

Rossett Says NO to Development on Bellis FieldsNOT WANTED and NOT NEEDED Read More Development in the north field was ...
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Image showing restrictive pedestrian access on Holt Road.

Highway Safety Concerns

Dangerous Footway Proposals It appears to be common practice by Wrexham Planners to ignore or attempt to over-rule WCBC Highway ...
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Wellbeing of Future Generations Logo

Request for Investigation by Well-being Commissioner

Introduction The ongoing assault on the Well-being of the Community is giving rise to Rossett Focus Group having major concerns ...
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Map showing boundary changes between Rossett ward and the adjacent new ward of Llay/Burton

Boundary Commission Suspends Consultation

An update from the Chief Executive of the Boundary Commission in relation to the Wrexham changes. See previous post about ...
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