Uncharted Planning Territory

LDP Voted Down By Wrexham Councillors

We are all in uncharted Planning Territory since the WCBC Members voted down adoption of the Local Development Plan on Wednesday evening (19th April 2023). We (the RFG) have been objecting to the LDP and its possible acceptance on behalf of the people of Wrexham and especially Rossett as the proposals would if adopted impact badly on the health and well-being of the community.

Map of Wrexham Borough

We believe the following interview with the Council Leader sums up adequately the problems facing Rossett and the wider Wrexham Community. Wrexham.com asked the Council Leader (Cllr Pritchard) what an ideal outcome would be for him, noting he was answering this point as a councillor not the council leader.

For me personally, that we start again. We look at all the areas that we had issues, overdevelopment, population statistics, gypsies and traveller sites, strategic sites one and two, phosphates, schools, provision for health and well-being. We all know there are issues with surgeries, dentists, and as I said on the night, anything to do with health.

“There were big numbers of house building, we didn’t have the infrastructure and we certainly didn’t have the schools, a lot of this didn’t even come into the debate. ‌ I think we’re in a good place in Wrexham, because what we do, we start again, and we work through it to get a plan which is fit for purpose.

“I think a lot of people do forget the Local Development Plan One was refused by the Inspectors, so this is nothing new, we’ve been here before. The sky doesn’t fall in, we carry on and we will move forward, that is how we do things. ‌ One thing stuck in my mind from the debate, things were thrown in ‘we are the only council in Wales not to have one’ and ‘we should push it through’.

You should never push anything. If something isn’t right, don’t push it”.

RFG will await the outcome of the dialogue that now must take place between the Welsh Government and Wrexham Council to find a way forward, but be assured that RFG will continue to make the necessary representations to all parties to ensure that Rossett and the wider Community health and well-being is adequately and properly protected.

The  link to the Council Leader Statement :- Council Leader calls for fresh start on new Local Development Plan – Wrexham.com