Flood Risks & Household Insurance in Rossett

RFG members have been following up on Item 2 from the meeting held on 8th March. We have now had a response from the Association of British Insurers regarding our query in the LL12 0DS area (Bellis Site location). We are advised that as ABI are the trade body for insurance companies, they are unable to comment on coverage for individual properties. However, we hope you find the information they have provided below useful. 

The ABI Commented

The insurance industry worked with Government to develop Flood Re, a world first insurance scheme which creates a competitive market for high flood risk homes by enabling householders to access affordable flood cover.  Further information on Flood Re is available on their website www.floodre.co.uk and there is a list of eligible insurers here

However, it is worth noting that for a property to be eligible for the scheme it must be built before 1 January 2009.  This specific criteria was agreed with Government in an effort to not incentivise developers building in areas of flood risk. Residents can check there whether their property can qualify for Flood Re here

 Improving the planning process to prevent inappropriate developments in high flood risk areas and including sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in all new developments have long been key campaigning asks the ABI has made to the Government. While there is a clear need for affordable homes, it is short sighted to build them in areas at high risk of flooding and SuDS will help to mitigate the risk of surface water flooding. 

 Finally, if you or any other residents are struggling to find cover, as well as speaking to insurers directly, you can use an insurance broker. The British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) runs a ‘Find Insurance’ service, which can be contacted at https://www.biba.org.uk/find-insurance/ or 0370 950 1790. A broker will be able to discuss options regarding insurance coverage.

The Focus Group View

RFG view regarding the Flood Re insurers list is that, it may be useful to those people who cannot get Insurance. Bear in mind that 5 insurers on that list have already declined insurance cover locally on houses built before 2009. If you are not insured with them already they are not obliged to quote. From our knowledge we have found that properties with postcodes LL12 0HB, LL12 0ED, LL12 0EJ and LL12 0DZ, have been refused Flood insurance by Allianz, AXA, Direct Line, LV= and NFU. These are just 5 of the Companies on the list refusing flood insurance to the property postcodes listed, but there may be others of which we are unaware.

Response to Welsh Govermment (TAN15)

We have responded to the Welsh Government Consultation on Flood Risks (TAN15) and along with the ABI we are hoping for significant improvements in the way Flood Risks and the Issue of Flood Insurance Consultations are handled.

We have recommended much greater Planning involvement with the Insurance Industry and utilisation of historic local flood records to alleviate future flood risk problems.  We are advised that the updated TAN 15 should be published very soon possibly in April 2020, but this might be delayed in the current pandemic circumstances.